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How to send a watch: the guidebook

Hello! My name is Valentin and I'm the co-founder and CEO of Secursus, the online shipping insurance.

A few years ago, I used to work in the vintage watch industry and I often had to send and receive watches through carriers. At that time, my main concern was the shipping insurance, as watches were almost always excluded from carrier coverage I was using. Secursus was a service I could only dream of to insure my watches and no longer worry about potential loss or theft of my parcels. Since no relevant insurance was available at the time, I decided that it was my opportunity to start, an online shipping insurance specialised in insuring watches.

If you are wondering how to send a watch and how to fully insure a watch against loss, theft and damage, please read the following :)

Here are my tips for shipping a watch:

1. Discretion

The most important rule is to keep thieves away from your parcel. To do so, you must not write anything on the outside of the packaging that could indicate that there is a watch inside it. When the carrier asks what is inside the parcel, you must declare "Precision instrument" or "Mechanical instrument" but you must not write the word "watch" at all. If you are a watch company, your company name/email address may contain a sensitive word such as "watch", "luxury", “jewellery” etc. Delete these words and shorten them. For example, change "Vintage Watch Company" to "VW Co". Always check the shipping label for any sensitive words.

At Secursus, it is a mandatory rule to insure your watch. This is called a risk mitigation technique that decreases the risk of theft and also decreases the cost of insurance.

2. How to pack a watch for shipping

Here is the best way to send a watch by courier:

  • Wrap your watch (or watch box) with bubble wrap
  • Put this first packaging in a small box
  • Put this smaller box inside a bigger box (also called pizza box)
  • Add an extra shipping label on the small box. If the main label falls off, at least the carrier will open it and find another label inside.
  • Make sure the main shipping label is stuck on a hard surface

CAUTION: Never send your watch in a plastic envelope or a bag. Always use a sturdy cardboard box as the outer packaging.

3. Shipping carriers

Consider using premium carriers such as Fedex, DHL, Royal Mail or UPS. You can easily compare their services here. Use their signature "express" delivery service. You can find great rates online thanks to Parcel2Go for example and your recipient will also have a great delivery experience. Which is not to be taken lightly.

Always double check that the signature on receipt is mandatory, and that the carrier is not allowed to give the parcel to someone else, or even worse, to a collection shop such as a grocery store, a supermarket etc.

4. Be careful who you sell to

Watches are expensive and that is exactly what scammers are looking for. This is why I would definitely recommend never shipping a watch without receiving a payment first.

Beware of buyers who don't seem interested in the watch itself, but primarily interested in a quick transaction. Always Google buyers’ names to see if they have a history of scamming. The most common scam comes from private buyers:, they will tell you that they never received the parcel but in fact, they are already wearing your watch on their wrist! They will try to defraud you and defraud the insurance as well.

5. Choose the right carrier

You do not want to send a watch with the wrong carrier, even if you have insurance. Bad carriers lose parcels and if they do, they will not admit it.

As previously mentioned, always consider fast and reliable carriers such as DHL Express, Fedex, UPS to send your watches (You can easily find cheap prices online). Do not forget to add the signature option, otherwise your parcel will be delivered to your porch, or possibly to someone else.

How to insure a watch for shipping

Did you know? At Secursus, we handle a lot of claims, and watches are often involved in insurance fraud.

If you are looking to send a watch and need a parcel insurance and how to insure a watch for shipping, Secursus will insure it in just a few clicks and at the best possible rate.

If you are a watch seller or buyer, please feel free to reach out to me if you need advice on how to send a watch.

All the best,


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