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The importance of a successful delivery

As a pure player, e-commerce shop, or any online seller or retailer, the delivery of your goods is an almost indispensable step that represents a challenge and a responsibility that it is important not to take lightly. Indeed, neglecting the post-purchase, i.e. the delivery of your goods as well as the after-sales service could cost you dearly and make you lose customers and reputation.

With the COVID-19 crisis, e-commerce has experienced a new boom and an impressive progression: more and more customers are buying online, even internationally, and the volume of products sold online is constantly increasing. This represents a considerable opportunity as well as a challenge for everyone: online sellers, carriers, deliverers, and other members of the logistics flow.

The importance of the post-purchase stages

Post-purchase can be defined as all the steps after the customer has paid for the product.

Many sellers neglect these steps which, as many data indicate, are more than essential to customer satisfaction and to whether or not they want to buy from your shop again or recommend your shop.

Indeed, according to a study carried out by Chain Store Age : after examining the reactions of buyers to delivery problems (such as the delay of a parcel or its loss), 41% of the consumers questioned put the blame for delivery delays directly on the merchants. Furthermore, one in ten consumers will post a negative review on social networks.

Knowing that almost all consumers surveyed, 93%, claim to read reviews of online shops before making a purchase and that it only takes three negative reviews to scare off nearly six out of ten potential customers, it is easy to see how important a successful delivery experience is for the longevity and reputation of a business. A successful delivery is an opportunity to build customer loyalty and an opportunity to create an ambassador among your customers, particularly through word of mouth.

In fact, according to a study carried out by Circuit Club) on a panel of 1,000 people, almost three quarters (72.5%) of bad deliveries will probably result in a customer stopping recommending the retailer to their friends and family. When you consider the importance of word of mouth in today's consumerism, you realise once again the need for a successful delivery.

What is a successful delivery?

A successful delivery is a parcel that arrives on time, without delay, without defect or damage. Obviously, it is a parcel that has not been lost or stolen during delivery. How can you guarantee a successful delivery and thus promote positive customer behaviour towards your business? Secursus to the rescue!

Secursus for a successful delivery

Secursus is an online insurance company that offers private individuals and companies a simple and inexpensive way to insure their parcels against theft, loss and damage during delivery.

Secursus insures parcels up to 90,000£, or even more if required by the merchant. At Secursus we insure your parcels for their real value and we do not exclude luxury, second-hand or collectible goods. Offering Secursus parcel insurance to your customers at the time of purchase guarantees a positive post-purchase experience for both you and them: compensation for loss, damage or theft is guaranteed for all.

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