How it works

How the service works

A turnkey insurance solution to insure all your shipments directly from your own website


By integrating the Secursus API, your parcels will be instantly insured thanks to the automatic transmission of data.


We handle all the insurance claims. Your customers are informed that we are managing their claim, and an email is sent to them explaining what they need to do.


We insure an extremely wide variety of objects, including the most precious items. Both new and second-hand goods are covered by our policy, with coverage of up to €100,000 per parcel.


Secursus insures parcels that are being transported by any carrier offering a sign-for delivery service.


The insurance premiums will be automatically debited from your bank account at the beginning of the month for all orders insured the previous month.


You have 12 hours to cancel the shipment insurance on an order. After that period, the insurance premium will be due.

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