High value package insurance

Items covered by the insurance

Secursus is the only high value package insurance covering almost every items.

We insure all your valuable packages for just 0.6% of their value.

Generally excluded from the carriers’ insurance, these goods are covered by our service up to 100,000 € per package. Secursus also stands out from other carriers by reimbursing them at their last sale value.

Covered items examples


Do you want to insure a watch during shipping? We cover new and vintage watches at their latest retail value.


All jewels are covered by Secursus, send jewelry or a precious stone in total safety with our all-risk cover.


Do you sell new or used clothing on online sites or marketplaces? Protect them from theft and loss.

High Tech

Telephones, computers and all other high tech items are 100% insured against loss, theft and breakage.


Luxury bags, whether new or used, are 100% insured by our insurance.

Works of art

Do you ship a work of art via a carrier? Protect it at its last sale value by paying only 0.6%.

Used items

Secursus is the only service offering a refund of second-hand items at their last sale value.


Sending precious or collector's books? Like used items, they will be fully covered.


Sending collection stamps? Like second-hand items, they will be fully insured.

Medical devices

Medical equipments are covered by the Secursus guarantee against loss, theft and breakage.


We provide insurance for medications as long as they do not require a controlled temperature shipping.

Sport items

All sporting goods and bikes will be insured by Secursus during transit.

Goods excluded from the insurance

Some goods are excluded from the insurance cover. However, some of them such as alcohol or precious metals may be studied on a case-by-case basis. Do not hesitate to contact us directly.

  • Alive animals;
  • Merchandise traveling under controlled-temperature conditions (positive or negative);
  • Manufacturing or production equipment;
  • Items shipped in bulk by sea or river;
  • Banknotes, coupons, securities, checks, minted coins, pure precious metals;
  • Furs, skins, leathers;
  • Furniture being moved;
  • Container bodies;
  • Commodities falling within the scope of trading in raw commodities;
  • Merchandise classified as dangerous by the conventions, laws or regulations in force;
  • Tobacco, cigarettes, alcohol.


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