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What is StockX?

StockX is not a traditional online ecommerce website. But a real-time online marketplace for buying and selling limited edition sneakers, watches, handbags, and streetwear.

Buyers make offers on StockX and sellers make requests for quotations for their products. Then, when an offer matches a request, the transaction is completed instantly, at market price. This is usually used by collectors or experts because the items sold are often rare and cannot be found elsewhere

Using historical data, buyers and sellers can see how much an item has sold for on the platform in the past and what the current lowest demand is. With this transparency, the users can buy the items they like at the right time and when they want.

Although SotckX platform is completely anonymous, all buyers and sellers meet in one place. Buyers don't have to do hours of research into a seller's history and ratings, and sellers don't have to take photos or write descriptions. StockX take care of everything.

What about Stockx insurance?

Does StockX insure your shipped packages? No, StockX does not provide shipping insurance nor transportation insurance for your shipments. In fact if you want to be sure to receive your delivery, you should be thinking of using a third party insurance.

To guarantee the proper reception of your purchase (whether it is a pair of collector sneakers, a luxurious watch or a leather bag) we advise you to subscribe to an online third party insurance such as Secursus.

At Secursus, our insurance guarantees a protected delivery to you: against theft, loss and damaged. We insure products that are usually excluded from ordinary transport insurance. Such as luxury watches, retail items, second hand clothes etc. Our insurance allows you to benefit from a delivery in full confidence, and this for a very affordable price, 1% of the value of the package shipped, and this for a value of up to 120,000$.

What happens if my parcel is lost?

This rarely happens, but packages sometimes get lost or damaged during shipping to or from StockX.

That's why StockX always ask sellers to pick up a drop-off receipt and keep it until the order is finalized. If there is a problem with one of your packages in transit after it has left the drop-off point, StockX will open an investigation with the carrier to resolve the situation as simply as possible.

Please note that this process can take up to 10 working days from the opening of the investigation. You can find more information about this process in StockX Terms and Conditions.

To open an incident ticket, simply contact StockX and specify your question. Try to include as much information as possible to explain the situation properly in order to keep the investigation time to a minimum!

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