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Carefully read our shipping instructions

Shipping instructions

At Secursus we have one goal: to protect and compensate you for your lost or damaged shipment. Unlike other insurance companies who often try to hide certain key information in order to negate claims, we want to do the opposite by being as transparent as possible. By reading and respecting our shipping instructions carefully, you will receive compensation.

If everything does not seem perfectly clear, please contact us before purchasing insurance.
Our responsive customer support will provide an expert and detailed response to your concerns.


Your item should always be shipped in a cardboard or rigid box. Secure your merchandise in an initial packaging such as a padded envelope, plastic bag or small box then put it in the larger box. Please seal any seams or flaps on the outer box with strong tape. Use additional packing materials such as padded envelopes, bubble wrap, paper, foam pad, making sure movement of goods is restricted.

As your package will be dropped off several times during transportation, please make sure your package can survive dropping. Broken items correctly packed will be compensated by Secursus.


Nothing on the packaging or label should reveal the nature or value of your item.

Beware of wording that might inadvertently express a reference to the content of your package. Obvious words that relate directly to valuables are strictly prohibited.

For international shipments requiring a customs form, place the customs form under the shipping label inside the plastic bag provided by the carrier.

When customs form is not needed, we recommend declaring very low carriage value.

Pictures and damaged package

Before shipping always take a few pictures of your item and its packaging with the label visible.

If the package arrives damaged, we strongly encourage your recipient to refuse the package or to write clear reservations on the delivery slip explaining what is damaged. If reservations are not possible, notify us of the damage as soon as possible.

We will send the recipient an email explaining what to do. Please include the recipient's email address when purchasing insurance.

Finally, do not throw away damaged packages or boxes: pictures will be requested when you file your claim.

Accepted carriers and shipping options

Secursus only covers direct shipments delivered with an adult signature. All major carriers offering signed deliveries are accepted.

Your shipment must not be shipped from / to parcel shops (grocery store or supermarket ..) or to virtual addresses.

It must either be picked up by the carrier or left in an official carrier shop. Secursus insurance is effective for 14 days from the day the package is sent. Please make sure you choose a shipping method that will be dispatched quickly enough to be delivered within that time frame.

If your shipment does not arrive within 14 days, simply open a claim from your dashboard.

When should you take out insurance and what should you do if something goes wrong?

You must insure your package no later than the day of consignment. For example, if you send your package in the morning, you can insure it until 11.59 pm that same day.
You can of course insure it earlier, as long as you are in possession of the tracking number
All insurance orders are automatically approved, so you don't have to worry about shipping the package before insuring it with us.

Here is the procedure if something goes wrong with your shipment:

  1. Contact your carrier (or broker) and address a written claim (not over the phone).
  2. Open a claim from your Secursus dashboard as soon as possible (max 14 days).
  3. In case of damage, write reservations on the delivery note or refuse the package.

Our claim monitor platform allows you to submit all the required documents:

  • Shipping label
  • Proof of value of the insured item (retail / purchase invoice or certificate of sale between 2 individuals)
  • Pictures of the item and its packaging
  • Copy of the claim made to the carrier
  • Certificate of loss provided by the carrier
  • In case of damage, copy of the reservations written on the delivery slip
  • In case of theft, a copy of the police complaint

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