Our high value shipping insurance covers what carriers don’t and refunds your goods at their actual value, even for used items.  How it works

Why and how use secursus shipping insurance?

Secursus is an easy-to-use online parcel insurance service designed to allow you to insure a package in 2 minutes! Registration to our insurance service is instantaneous, and you can start protecting your first shipments immediately.

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We need the tracking number, carrier name, and package value; that's it. If you don't know the tracking number, you must ship and insure the package on our website later. You can purchase insurance on the same day as your departure until midnight.

Our shipping insurance service is suitable for businesses, companies, and individuals. Secursus lets you insure each package separately and pay a fair price. Secursus is a service without commitment, without a subscription, and with no minimum volume of shipping. After signing up and adding a payment card, click « insure a package » and fill in your shipment details.

Our rates for package insurance are always the same! The insurance cost is calculated to offer you the best possible guarantees anywhere in the world.

With Secursus, there is no need to ask for a quote: use our calculator to find out the price of your shipping insurance online. Our rate is the same regardless of the destination or the nature of the object you are sending. Our pricing is usually at least 40% less than carriers and sometimes up to 80% less than online package brokers.

Our payment system supports multiple currencies through Stripe, our payment provider. If you wish to use a specific currency, please contact us, and we'll set it up for you. Our customer support is responsive by email or by chat should you need more information.

We offer the most complete coverage on the market.

With the few exceptions listed here, Secursus covers all new or used items. They are all covered at their replacement, actual or retail value: even those considered "at risk ": high-tech computers, watches, jewelry, luxury clothing, second-hand, and collectibles. Our terms and conditions are always available on our website, and we also provide shipping instructions that you must read before using our insurance.

Unlike carriers, who always refund the lowest value possible, we cover your item at its last sale or purchase value, . Our Terms and Conditions are always available on our website, and we recommend taking a few minutes to understand what is covered or excluded from our coverage.

Shipping insurance FAQs

Why should you insure a package?

Insuring a shipment adds another layer of protection and peace of mind to your goods in the event of theft, loss, or damage.

Indeed, the steps of transporting goods can be long and full of obstacles, and many problems can occur. This is why parcel insurance was created.

Secursus' insurance protects your shipment throughout its postal journey, from sending to delivery.

Why should you choose Secursus?

Secursus is an easy-to-use and affordable third-party shipping insurance company that offers a wide range of options.

Our goal is to adapt to the needs of our customers by offering an efficient and adjusted protection contract in addition to our directly accessible online shipping services.

What are the insurance rates?

The insurance rates vary on your shipping volume. It ranges between 0,7% and 1% of the insured item value.

If you need specific insurance options, please feel free to get in touch with us, and we'll find you the best shipping options.

What's the claim process look like?

Secursus has built its claim platform and can process your claims from start to finish in 30 days maximum.

If a package is lost, stolen, or broken, please file a claim using this form and submit the requested documents.

Our claims team will do everything possible to compensate you as quickly as possible once all the supporting documents have been gathered and your claim is completed.

Integration solutions

Keen to insure all your packages directly from your website, CRM or app? Then integrate the Secursus solution!

  • A REST API to automate all your data feeds
  • Turnkey libraries in all major languages
  • Comprehensive technical documentation with simple examples
  • Software for PC, Mac and Linux

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Shipping insurance API

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we offer coverage for a single shipment?

Yes, we can only insure a single package. We've created this third-party shipping insurance coverage for this reason. Our insurance service is accessible whether you need it once a year or hundreds of times a day.
Only pay for what you insure, and receive a full refund in the event of loss, theft, or damage to your package.

Which shipping companies are accepted?

In addition to Fedex, DHL, UPS, and USPS (Priority Mail), Secursus accepts all major international shipping carriers. Your carrier must provide a direct, signed-for delivery service and must have a tracking system. Packages must be picked up by the carrier or dropped off at authorized carrier shops. Only up to $200 is covered for packages left at grocery stores, supermarkets, etc.
Always use a reputable carrier and select the fastest option with direct signature. You can book your shipment directly with the carrier or through a third-party shipping platform with affordable rates.

Which carriers are excluded?

As a shipping insurance provider, we do have certain exclusions. For instance, we do not cover packages sent to locations that are not authorized carrier shops. We also do not cover shipments sent by sea within a container. Except in exceptional circumstances, which must be discussed with our sales staff.

When should I purchase package insurance?

You must insure your package with Secursus on the same date of shipping.
You can insure it sooner if you already have the tracking number.

When should a claim be filed?

First, you must submit your claim to your carrier. Then, you must file a claim with Secursus within 14 days of the original shipping date of the package or maximum 3 days after the initial expected delivery date. Additionally, we recommend that you check the package's status daily. A prompt reaction increases the likelihood that your valuables will be recovered.

What evidence of value must I provide?

Secursus accepts invoices from official retailers and online receipts from eBay, PayPal, etc. as evidence of the insured value. We also accept certificates of sale between two individuals.
The proof of value must correspond to the insured value and be dated within two months of the insurance effective date.

My package appears late, is lost, or is damaged; what should I do?

You should open a claim immediately, no later than 3 days after the expected delivery date.
Please go to your dashboard to file a claim.

What is the most efficient way to contact Secursus?

If you need assistance with your shipment or a claim, the most efficient way to reach us is via email at contact@secursus.com. Our multilingual staff is able to provide assistance in English, French, Spanish, and German. Many of the technical questions we receive require written responses. Please send us an email if you need to speak with one of our agents, and we will call you back.

How do I insure a shipment?

You can insure your valuable package or any other item at the lowest possible cost with our additional insurance. Register on our website, add a payment card, and click « insure a package » to purchase package insurance. You will be required to enter the item's cost, the name of the shipping company, and the tracking number. This is very quick and super easy to use!

How does claims management work?

In the event of a problem, you will have direct access to our in-house claims handlers. You can easily upload documents and communicate online with our teams. Please read our instructions, which explain the required compensation documents.

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