Our high value shipping insurance covers what carriers don’t and refunds your goods at their sale value, even for used items.  How it works

Why and how use Secursus?

Secursus is an easy-to-use online parcel insurance service designed to allow you to insure a parcel in 2 minutes! Registration to our insurance service is instantaneous and you can start protecting your first parcels right away.

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We just need the tracking number, carrier name and package value, that’s it. If you don’t know the tracking number yet, you will have to ship the package first and then insure it on our website. You can take out the insurance on the same day of departure, until midnight.

Our parcel insurance service is suitable for professionals as well as for freelancers and individuals. Secursus allows you to insure your parcels one by one and pay a fair price for each shipment. Secursus is a service without commitment, without subscription and with no minimum volume of sending. After signing up and adding a payment card, click on « insure a package » and fill in your package’s details.

All your personal data is rigorously protected. For security reasons, we do not have access to your sensitive credit card information. These are kept and secured by Stripe, our trusted partner for payment solutions.

The price of our parcel insurance is calculated to offer you the best possible guarantees, anywhere in the world. This pricing applies regardless of the merchandise being shipped: a telephone, a piece of clothing, a luxury watch... The price of parcel insurance is always the same!

With Secursus, there is no need to ask for a quote: simply use our calculator to find out the price of your parcel insurance online. Our rate is the same regardless of the destination or the nature of the object you are sending. ​​Our pricing is usually at least 40% less than carriers and sometimes up to 80% than online package brokers.

Payments are made in $US Dollars through Stripe, our payment provider. If you wish to use another currency, you can simply convert at the closest value by using a currency converter such as XE.com. Our customer support is responsive by email should you need more information.

We offer the most complete and effective coverage on the market.

With the few exceptions listed here, Secursus covers all objects, whether they are new or used. They are all covered at their last sale value: even those considered "at risk": high-tech, computers, watches, jewelry, luxury clothing, second-hand and collectibles.

Unlike carriers who always refund the lowest value possible, we cover your item at its very last sale value or actual purchase value. Our shipping insurance service, works worldwide except countries at war or under embargo. Secursus currently has more than 10,000 customers worldwide including UK, USA, Canada, France, Germany, Australia, Italy, Spain etc.

Secursus: shipping insurance

Why should you insure a package?

Insuring a parcel is an additional security to protect your goods in case of theft, loss of your parcel or breakage.

Indeed, the steps of the transport of goods can be long and full of obstacles and many problems can occur. This is why parcel insurance was created! In order to guarantee a refund in case of theft of the parcel, lost parcel or damaged parcel.

The Secursus parcel insurance is to certify the protection of your parcel throughout its routing: from the sending to the delivery.

Why should you choose Secursus?

Secursus is an efficient and affordable online parcel insurance offering a wide spectrum of possibilities in terms of geographical area, types of goods insured and choices in general at a fair cost.
Secursus online parcel insurance offers many advantages: coverage from 1 to $120,000, few exclusions, and wide flexibility. Effective protection, reliable service.
Secursus adapts to your specific needs: Are you a professional looking to insure a specific shipment? Do you want to insure many parcels? You are a private individual and wish to insure only one parcel?
Our goal is to adapt to the needs of our customers in terms of parcel insurance by offering an efficient and adjusted protection contract in addition to our directly accessible online service.

Which items are covered by our shipping insurance?

As an online shipping insurance, our goal is to insure most of the valuable items that are excluded from carriers, even the riskiest. We want to offer to our client a large scope of items that we can cover. See more details here.

How is the compensation organized?

In case of loss of a parcel, theft of a parcel or breakage of your goods, please make a claim through this form.

Our parcel insurance will do everything possible to compensate you as quickly as possible once all the supporting documents have been gathered and your file completed. You will receive your compensation within 30 days.

Integration solutions

Keen to insure all your packages directly from your website, CRM or app? Then integrate the Secursus solution!

  • A REST API to automate all your data feeds
  • Turnkey libraries in all major languages
  • Comprehensive technical documentation with simple examples
  • Software for PC, Mac and Linux

Check out Secursus Integration

Shipping insurance API

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Secursus insure high value packages worldwide?

Secursus is an online shipping insurance that insures high value packages worldwide. Except for countries at war or under international embargo. Our team speaks English, French, Spanish and German and we’re fully available to answer your questions by email in your language.

Can I use this shipping insurance only once?

Yes you can only insure one package with us. This is why we have created this service. Once a year or hundreds a day, our insurance service is open to everyone.

Only pay for what you actually insure and receive a full refund in case of loss of package, theft or damage.

Which are the accepted carriers?

Secursus accepts thousands of carriers worldwide. Your carrier must offer a direct signed-for delivery service and must have a tracking system. Packages shipped by parcel shops such as grocery stores, supermarkets etc. are not covered by our shipping insurance, as well as packages shipped by sea/marine containers.

We always recommend that you send your package with a reputable carrier and choose the fastest option available with direct signature. You can either book your shipment from the carrier or from an online shipping platform which offers cheap package rates.

Which are the excluded carriers?

Carriers offering delivery through package shops are not covered at this time. We also do not cover packages shipped by sea containers. Except in special cases, to be discussed with our sales team.

When should I insure my package?

You must insure your package with Secursus shipping insurance no later than the day of departure.

You can of course insure it earlier if you already know the tracking number. But you can not insure your package after it has been sent.

When should I make a claim?

The first thing you need to do is to send your claim to your carrier. You must then send your complaint to Secursus no later than 14 days after the original withdrawal date of the package.
We also recommend that you check the package tracking daily.
A quick reaction increases the chances of recovery of your products.

What proof of value should I provide?

As a proof of your product’s value, Secursus accepts invoices from official stores as well as online receipts from Ebay, PayPal, etc.

We also accept certificates of sale between 2 individuals, in case you do not currently have the purchase invoice.

My package is late, what should I do?

If your package has not been delivered within 14 days, please send us an email to open a claim at contact@secursus.com. Or open your claim directly through your profile page on our website.

We will open a precautionary claim and you will be covered until delivery.

What is the best way to contact Secursus?

If you need help regarding your package or a claim, the best way to contact us is by email at contact@secursus.com. Our multilingual team can assist you in English, French, Spanish and German. We receive many technical questions which often require written answers. If you need to speak to one of our agents, please send us an email and we will call you back.

If your interested in joining our integrated online shipping insurance service because you need a special shipping insurance or because we need to adjust our policy, please feel free to contact our sales team.

How can I insure a package ?

You can insure your valuable package or any product you want with our shipping insurance Secursus at the best possible rate: only 1% of your product’s value. Just sign-up to our website, add a payment card and click on « insure a package ». This is very quick and super easy to use !

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