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Ebay international shipping : global shipping Program

The Global Shipping Program makes your products accessible to over 60 million buyers across the globe. You are guaranteed protection from both negative and neutral reviews, and you have complete control over the merchandise you want to be shipped through the program.

With the Global Shipping Program by ebay, ship your eligible product to our domestic shipping center, and once they get there, your job is done: eBay will take care of the international shipment and customs clearance for you.

Global Shipping Program by eBay: the advantages

In Addition to getting your items available all over the world, there are a number of advantages to using the Global Shipping Program:

If an item is lost or damaged during international shipping, eBay's money-back warranty cases are resolved in your favor, plus your seller's standards of performance are not affected.

If you offer domestic shipping for free at the shipping center, you automatically receive 5 stars for the shipping cost in your seller's detailed rating.

If you charge for national shipping to the shipping center but you receive a rating of fewer than five stars for the shipping cost / shipping charges, this will not be reflected in your seller review performance.

You will be automatically awarded 5 stars for the shipping time in your detailed seller review if you use express shipping like the same day shipping, next-day shipping or the next day delivery, upload the tracking shipping information within the next working day of receipt of the payment and deliver the product to the US delivery center within 4 working days.

Any negative or neutral feedback that can be assigned to the Global Shipping Program due to the handling of the item in international transit will be suppressed.

Global Shipping Program requirements as a seller

To sell through the Global Shipping program, you need to have a seller score of Above Standard or higher, and fulfill the following requirements:

Item requirements:

  • Your item must be located physically in the United States
  • Your item must be for sale on
  • The item must not be ineligible, illegal, dangerous, export restricted, banned by eBay or forbidden by the Global Shipping program.

Here is some examples of prohibited items: (this is a non exhaustive list): fragrances, fresh flowers, smart watches, jewelry, luggage…

Countries requirements:

In most countries, your buyer's delivery address (the shipping adress) should be a residence or street address. You can ship items to PO Box Addresses only in the following countries: Bahrain, Brazil, Canada, China, Kuwait, New Zealand, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Switzerland, Thailand, United Arab Emirates

Weights and size requirements:

Your package should not exceed the maximum weight or dimensions to be able to be shipped by eBay in some countries.

Here is a table giving some of these countries and their shipping conditions, this table is not exhaustive:

Global Shipping Program requirements as a seller

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How much does it cost to join the eBay Global Shipping Program as a seller?

There is no membership fee for the Global Shipping Program, but there are still some registration fees that will apply to you and your customer.

Seller Fees:

As a vendor, certain fees and sales costs may apply to you, such as international fees.

In fact, eBay has two main types of selling fees: an insertion fee when you first create a listing, and a subtotal final value fee when your product is successfully sold.

The amount eBay fees sellers are charged is based on the price of your item, the size and category you select for your listing, any additional optional listing upgrades you add, and your seller conduct and performance.

Seller and Buyer Fees:

There is no membership fee for the Global Shipping Program, but there are still some registration fees that will apply to you and your customer.

Fees for the buyer:

In your listings, the buyer will be shown an estimate of shipping costs and importation charges: they will be given the full and final amount of the charges (total order price) at the time of payment. The buyer can also see what they have been charged (shippings charges, additional shipping charges or any charge for shipping) on the order details page.

The shipping cost displayed by the buyer will include the U.S. shipping cost you specified, as well as any international shipping costs, handling and other costs (shippings details, shippings prices etc). Import charges include import duties, taxes, broker fees and other charges. You will receive the price of the item and the amount of the domestic postage shipping and handling charges you specify directly from your buyer.

Global Shipping Program by eBay: the advices

Use these best practices when you ship via our Global Shipping Program to appeal to more mail international shoppers and give them a great experience.

  • Offer free national shipping (free domestic delivery to your specific destination country) to get an automatic 5-star detailed rating for shipping costs. Specify a processing time (delivery time) of 1 or 2 business days, and download tracking information (tracking number) within 1 business day of receiving cleared payment. If the tracking information shows that your item was accepted by the U.S. shipping center within 4 days of the buyer's payment, you will be automatically given a detailed 5-star rating for the estimated delivery time.

  • Add your International return policy to your listing if it is different from your return policy for domestic buyers.

  • Create a prepaid shipping label on eBay to have your shipping tracking information automatically uploaded. If you don't use eBay shipping labels, be sure to download the tracking information.

  • Include the weight and size of the package in the listing, as well as the country of manufacture of the item (if known) to expedite customs clearance.

  • If possible, send all items in one order in one package.

  • Do not ship the item until the customer has paid.

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