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Remove sensitive information on the shipping label

Your box should appear neutral without any indication of its value or contents. It's important to remember not to write the contents or value of your package on the shipping label or anywhere on the outer packaging.

For example, do not write "watch" or "timepiece" on the label if you are shipping a watch. Instead, consider using a vague term such as "precision instrument".

You can also use the Customs HS Code as a description, a nomenclature that describes the contents of the package using only numbers. You can find more information about customs HS Codes at

Always double-check if your company name or recipient's name does not allude to the contents. If the recipient company is "Watches, Jewelry, and Co", turn it into "WJ and Co".

Please note that Secursus does not ask you to lie about the contents or value of your package. We simply ask that the real value and description are not visible on the outer packaging or label. Our instructions are in full compliance with carrier guidelines. If a customs form is required, it should be placed underneath the shipping label and all documents should be placed in a plastic adhesive bag and attached to the package.

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