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How to ship to an amazon locker?

Amazon Hub Locker new shipping service, provides a self-service delivery point to pick up and return your Amazon packages. Lockers are currently available at various locations worldwide.

With Amazon locker you can select an Amazon Hub Locker location as shipping address instead of having the package shipped to your home (home-delivery) or business address. Then you can pick up your shipment at a time that's convenient for you.

How does an Amazon locker work?

Regarding the shipping method and delivery services (method of shipment) and transit-time : You can choose between one-day delivery and Prime delivery, same day, standard delivery, next day delivery, express delivery, and same-night delivery.

Priority delivery to an Amazon Hub Locker guarantees a free-delivery for Amazon Prime members (Amazon Prime members qualify for free). For customers who are not Prime members, the usual delivery costs and shipping charges for the delivery options you choose apply. Shipping costs and delivery times (estimated delivery time) depend on your shipping destination and destination country.

You can choose an Amazon Hub Locker pickup location at order checkout if the items in your cart meet eligibility requirements. Indeed, the items shipped need to qualify to several requirements from Amazon locker: such as size, category, value, and availability. If they do not, the collection point / drop-off point is grayed out in the list and you cannot select it, it means your shipment is not eligible for it.

Pick up your package within three days. If you do not pick up your package within this time, it will be returned to us and we will refund your money.

Note: If you live in a building with Apartment Lockers, they will automatically be selected as the default delivery location. However, you have the option to deselect Apartment Lockers as your preferred delivery location when you place your order.

How to open an Amazon locker?

When picking up your package, enter your pickup code or scan the barcode, and follow the on-screen instructions.

For connected Lockers, you must activate the Bluetooth connection on your device. Once in front of the Locker, you will receive a push notification via the Amazon app asking you to open the Locker. If it does not open, follow the instructions received in the delivery confirmation email.

Advantages and disadvantages of the Amazon Locker program:

The Amazon Locker Click & Collect service offers several advantages:

  • Lockers are available for self-service, for the most part 24/7, and accessible to people with disabilities,
  • Delivery is fast and secure,
  • The service is free for customers who have subscribed to the Amazon Premium option,
  • Amazon locker shipping options mode of delivery is less complex than delivery to a specific address and easier for the courier.

However, you should know that :

  • For hygiene reasons, this service is excluding food orders from the Amazon locker delivery service,
  • You only have 3 business days (working days) to get your parcel from Amazon locker drop-off : after the 3-day period, the shipments are automatically returned to Amazon, and the customer receives a full refund (you can check your order status / delivery date / expected delivery date online and track your package online thanks to your tracking information and its tracking number).

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