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Secursus claim monitor

Claims management

Secursus has set up a dedicated claims platform to streamline and accelerate exchanges between each parties.

This platform allows both policyholders to open a claim very easily and the manager to keep control of pending claims.
The insured will receive an email as soon as the insurance is purchased to remind him of his login details so that he can open the claim.

  • Centralized exchange management
  • Accelerated claims processing
  • Administrator access to track the progress of claims
Secursus transactional emails

Transactional emails

Secursus has set up an automatic email delivery system to the insured as well as to the recipient of the shipment.

The purpose of these emails is to remind the sender of good shipping practices and to remind the recipient of the procedure to be followed in the event of a claim.
By informing all the beneficiaries of the insurance, the claims are much more complete and are therefore processed and accepted much quicker.

  • Proactive prevention for insurance beneficiaries
  • Direct link to open a claim
White label

White label

Offer the smoothest possible experience to your customers thanks to our white label tools.

Secursus tools can be completely transparent to your customers. The graphics of the email template as well as of the claims management platform can be fully adapted to your brand's colors or offered as co-branding.

  • All tools in white label
  • Simplified direct communication with your customers

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Pc and Mac App

The Secursus desktop App allows you to easily and quickly insure shipments by importing Excel files. To use the app, simply register on Secursus Integration and then log in using your API credentials through the application.

  • PC and Mac compatible App
  • Secure bulk shipments in seconds
  • No technical development required
  • Automatic billing by credit card

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