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High-performance solutions to insure your shipments, manage claims and monitor your activity. Discover the features...

3 easy steps to integrate Secursus and start insuring your shipments

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All it takes is 5 minutes to register and create your Secursus Integration account in order to start using our service.

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Integrate Secursus

Either using a Secursus developer library for PHP, NodeJS, Python or using our own REST API.

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Insure your shipments

Integrate Secursus into your website, CRM, application or use our PC/Mac app to insure your shipments.

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Among our best features

Personalized services

How can I get a personalized pricing?

Depending on your needs, the volume and type of goods you are shipping, we can tailor the coverage as well as the price to build the most suitable offer for you.

Our team is always available by email if you need more information.

How to implement white label use?

In order to guarantee the proper functioning of the tools as well as the best possible customer experience, the implementation of the white label will be done by Secursus.

If you need white label, please contact our customer support and send us some logos of your company. No fees are charged for setting up the white label.

How can I access the follow-up of my customers' claims?

If you offer our insurance to your customers, we can give you access to the customer follow-up dashboard. You will thus be able to have all the visibility on the claims of your customers as well as the status of compensation files.

Access to the monitoring dashboard is on request.

The secursus guarantee

Orias Secursus registration

Secursus is registered with ORIAS as an insurance intermediary.

With Secursus, you are guaranteed to benefit from a professional service that fully complies with insurance regulations.

By using our solutions for companies, take advantage of the best functionalities offered by Secursus such as the coverage of all your shipments up to US$120K from loss, theft and damage.

Do not hesitate to contact our team should you have a specific need.

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