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The best way to ship jewelry internationally

Packaging & discretion

Selecting the best packaging for your shipment and keeping the outside box as neutral as possible will help you prevent any problem with your package when shipping jewelry internationally.

Carrier & Signature

Choosing a trusted carrier is very important! The carrier and the service choosen will have an impact on the delivery. Do not forget to choose the signature-on-receipt option as well!

Insurance & Secursus

Insuring your package when shipping jewelry internationally is not mandatory but this is strongly recommended. Shipping valuables is stressful and having your package insured will save you a lot of money!

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Shipping jewelry internationally, especially precious jewelry, can quickly become a headache! It can be a very stressful process, but thanks to this article and our tips, you will find the best way to ship your jewelry internationally!

Here are some of the best tips and advice on how to send jewelry and to make your international jewelry shipment as safe as possible.

Proper packaging to ship jewelry internationally

When packing your jewelry, do not forget that the treatment received by postal services in other countries and during the transportation is not the softest. It is very important to choose a high quality material packaging to avoid any problem or breakage. A sturdy box will do the job!

My tips here is to add padding material like bubble wrap to fill up empty space in the box or to wrap your jewelry in a paper or something that will hold it still during the transportation to avoid any sound coming from the box. The goal is to avoid any empty space in the package for the jewelry not to knock around the box (this could cause damage to your product and also draw attention to your package). Firmly pack your jewelry in its box and always double your packaging just in case: put your box in another box or carton and seal it with tape.

Shipping jewelry: discretion needed

Nobody needs to know what is inside your boxes. The best way to ship your jewelry is to hide the brand imagery or any piece of advice that could reveal information about the value of what is inside the package.

Use a neutral container to ship your jewelry internationally and keep the outside information to the classic shipping and client information to avoid any temptation from any potential robber.

Insurance when shipping jewelry internationally

One of the best advice to give you: insure your package!

When shipping high value items such as jewelry and even more when it comes to an international shipment, the importance of the insurance shall not be forgotten. My advice here is to take extra precautions for your shipment to ensure safety. Secursus is one of the best insurance online (covering up to 90,000£ against loss, theft and breakage) and will give you in a few seconds a very good quote for the insurance of your shipment.

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Choosing the best courier to ship jewelry

The courier you choose and the service you choose will determine how long it will take for your jewelry to arrive at its destination. I am sure that you agree that the fastest, the better: a fast shipping jewelry is important! But do not forget to opt for a very serious courier like Fedex, DHL, UPS or Royal Mail for exemple. They will offer services like signature-on-receipts which is very important to avoid having your package stolen by anyone as proof of reception is needed.

You can easily get a quote online to find the best prices to ship your jewelry internationally. You can use comparators such as Parcel2Go or MyFlyingBox for example: they are comparators that will give you the cheapest prices for your shipment! Indeed, do not forget that shipping internationally is usually more expensive than shipping locally.

How to ship a watch?

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