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Our high value parcel insurance covers what carriers don’t and refunds your goods at their highest value, even for second-hand items.  How it works

Why and how use Secursus?

Our goal is to offer an easy and reliable parcel insurance service which you can use as soon as you sign-up. After signing up and adding a payment card just click on « insure a parcel » and fill in your parcel details.

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We only need the tracking number, carrier name and parcel value, that’s it. If you do not know the tracking number yet, you will have to ship the parcel first and insure it later on our website. For insurance to be valid you need to purchase it on the day of the consignment no later than 11.59 pm.

Payment is done on a case-by-case basis. Our service doesn’t require prepaid credits, and no need to subscribe or commit to a number of parcels. Therefore, it is open to everyone, whether you are an individual or a registered business.

The cost of our insurance is the same for everyone and for all destinations, you don’t even need to request a quote. Our insurance covers your item at its actual cost, with no deductible or depreciation even for second-hand items.

Our pricing is usually at least 40% lower than complementary carriers insurance and up to 80% lower than online parcel brokers. If you're looking for a quote, please go to our calculator at the top of this page and enter the value you wish to insure.

Payments are made in GBP£ through our payment provide Stripe. If you wish to use another currency, you can simply convert at the closest value by using a currency converter such as XE.com. Should you need more information you can get in touch with our customer support.

We strive to offer the best high-value parcel insurance service on the market. Our insurance policy fully covers items usually excluded from traditional insurance, even those considered at risk: high-tech, computers, watches, jewelry, luxury clothing, second-hand and collectibles.

Unlike carriers that always try to refund the lowest possible value, Secursus protects your item at its last retail value or actual purchase value. Secursus has over 12000 customers using our service to protect their valuable items.

Secursus offers a high-value parcel insurance service that cannot be combined with other insurance purchased from a carrier such as your local post office or FedEx. However, if your carrier offers you compensation for your lost or damaged parcel, our service will pay the difference so you can be fully compensated.


Which items are covered?

Secursus covers almost anything you can think of. Our goal is to insure delivery of goods excluded from other insurances. See more details here.

Which carriers do we cover?

Our high value parcel insurance works with thousands of carriers offering a signed upon direct delivery. It also works with your local post office.
Uninsured carriers are those who ship goods by river or sea and carriers who offer parcel deliveries to "parcel shops" such as grocery stores, supermarkets, etc.

How are claims handled?

Our claim process is straightforward : If your parcel is lost, stolen or broken during transit submit your documents on our claim platform. Once accepted you will be paid within 30 working days. More details on the required documents here.

Which parcel delivery service should you use?

We recommend you send your parcel with a well-known carrier and choose the fastest signed-for delivery available. You can check the shipping cost at many different places such as parcel comparison sites which offer cheap parcel rates.

Integration solutions

Keen to insure all your parcels directly from your website, CRM or app? Integrate our API and automate your insurance operations!

  • A REST API to automate all your data feeds
  • Turnkey libraries in all major languages
  • Comprehensive technical documentation with simple examples
  • Software for PC, Mac and Linux

Check out Secursus Integration

Parcel insurance API

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Secursus?

Secursus is a 2018-established insurance broker. We are licensed in 28 countries and have insured the shipments of 15,000 different shippers as of today. Your insurance claims are paid by A+ insurance companies with which we are affiliated. The majority of our customers are online merchants who ship expensive items and therefore require insurance.

How should I take out the parcel insurance?

You must insure your parcel no later than the day of shipment. Of course, you can insure it earlier if you already know the tracking number.

How does it work to insure a parcel?

You can insure your parcel at the best price and with just a few clicks using Secursus parcel insurance. Sign up in 1 minute, enter a payment card, and then fill out our insurance form with your tracking number and the value of your package. Be sure to read our instructions and conditions before subscribing to the insurance.

Can my insurance request be denied?

No. When subscribing, we ask you to read our packaging instructions and accept our terms and conditions.
Once this is done, your insurance order will be automatically accepted.

How is the claims management handled?

In case of any issues, you will be in direct contact with our in-house claims handlers. You can easily add your documents and communicate with our teams online. Be sure to read our instructions that explain the necessary compensation documents.

How are claims paid?

Claims are paid by instant bank transfer. We do not offer any other payment options.

How to open a claim?

Log in to your Secursus customer area and click on « Claims », then select the package concerned by your request.

Can I send my parcel with any carrier?

We accept all "express" carriers with parcel tracking services and all European postal services, including the UK Royal Mail.
You will need to choose a shipping method that requires a mandatory signature.

Do we provide coverage for cargo/marine containers?

The primary insurance policy does not cover marine/seaborne shipment of goods. Please contact us for a personalized quote if you require marine cargo insurance.

How to contact Secursus

Email is the best way to contact us : contact@secursus.com
Our team can assist you in English, French, Spanish, and German. Many of the technical questions we receive require written responses.
Email us if you need to speak with one of our agents, and we will call you back.

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