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DPD insurance

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Maximum coverage €520.00 (£436.82) £90,000
Minimum price £2.48 £1.50
Cost for £100 insured £2.48 £1.50
Cost for £1,000 insured Not covered £10.00
Cost for £10,000 insured Not covered £100.00
Second-hand items Yes Yes
Watches and jewellery No Yes
High tech, mobile phone No Yes
Collectibles No Yes
Rate for £1,000 Not applicable 1%

Source: DPD sales conditions
DPD prices based on public DPD shipping form (2022-07-29). Prices provided by DPD in EUR and converted to GBP (2022-07-29).

DPD prices

The DPD prices will mainly be based on the weight of your parcel when sending a DPD parcel locally in the UK. Find the DPD local prices in the following table (include VAT):

Weight DPD drop off price DPD door to door
Up to 5kg £6.47 £7.99
10kg £6.47 £11.99
15kg £7.97 £13.24
20kg £9.47 £14.49

DPD international prices

DPD international shipping prices are weight-based. DPD prices depend on different destinations and delivery services: letters, parcels between 0-10kg and parcels between 10-20kg. For parcels weighing more than 30kg: contact DPD directly.
Furthermore, the prices are different between shipping to a DPD pick-up point or to a home address.

Example from UK to Germany:

Weight Classic drop off Air express door to door
Up to 5kg £13.09 £44.51
10kg £13.09 £60.01
15kg £19.34 £75.51
20kg £25.59 £91.01

Our opinion on the insurance

DPD insurance has numerous exclusions and insurance amounts are very limited as well. Some particular items are subject to "special provisions" with a maximum parcel protection value: Apple MacBook for example. Moreover, shipping a parcel weighing more than 20kg with DPD is not possible.

Furthemore, the list of DPD prohibited items and products is quite extensive and there are exclusions such as cameras, art, paintings, antiques etc.

Why should you use additional insurance for your DPD parcels ?

Secursus details its conditions very clearly and thus guarantees a refund without unpleasant surprises. The Secursus list of exclusions is minimal compared to DPD insurance.

In addition to reimbursing all items usually excluded from insurance (artworks, luxury items, watches…), Secursus will accompany you throughout the delivery of your parcel and guide you in case of any problems. Our team will list and validate the required documents with you and then follow up on your claim with the insurer to ensure that you receive compensation quickly.

You can also insure your shipment for its real value and up to 90,000£. Secursus reimburses all your objects at their last sale value, without any discount!

Claim management

With Secursus, insure your DPD shipment for its actual value up to £90,000. Our aim is to recover your parcel or maximise your chances of being compensated quickly.


Secursus coverage goes up to £90,000 per parcel and covers standard items as well as high-risks and special items such as high tech items like mobile phones, high value items like watches, jewelleries, arts and second hand items.


In case of lost item and if your parcel has not been delivered yet: Secursus recommend that you open a claim within the 14 days. You should also contact and open a claim with the carrier as a copy of the claim will be asked by our insurer.

DPD is a reliable shipping service that you can use for your international shipment as well as your domestic shipment within the UK.

Why is DPD a reliable and good shipping service to use?

DPD is a reference and quality carrier for international and domestic shipments.

DPD is an established carrier for international and domestic parcels, offering quality and value for money. The DPD express delivery service is available in 230 countries around the world and offers next day deliveries. An express service is an excellent option for sending parcels abroad, especially high-value parcels.

Of course, DPD also offers delivery with signature on receipt, so their service is suitable for Secursus insurance! The Predict service offered by DPD with 24-hour and 48-hour deliveries is also very interesting because it allows you to predict the exact time of arrival of the parcel at your home.

Domestic shipments

International shipments

Delivery speed

Parcel worth less than €1000

High value parcels

DPD Insurance in 10 questions

How can I track my DPD parcel?

You can easily track your DPD parcel on this DPD tracking page. You only need the tracking number

Can I insure my DPD parcel with Secursus ?

Yes you can insure your DPD parcel with Secursus! We insure a lot of DPD parcels every day.

How can I insure my DPD parcel on Secursus?

Insuring your DPD parcel with Secursus is easy: it will take you 2 minutes on our website. You just need to sign in or create an account, add your payment card, and fill in our insurance form.

First you need to send your parcel and once you got the tracking number you will be able to insure it on our website.

Can I use Secursus for a single parcel?

Yes, with Secursus you can insure either one or 10, or even 100 parcels. There is no minimum required.

Can I use Secursus with other carriers?

Our service works with thousands of carriers. You can use Secursus with almost all carriers.

When should I book the insurance?

You must insure your parcel on Secursus on the same day of shipping. As you need a tracking number to take out the insurance, you first need to ship the parcel and insure it later on that day (at 11:59 pm maximum on the day of departure).

My Royal Mail parcel is lost or damaged, how can I make a claim ?

First step is to address a claim to DPD. Second of all, you will have to contact Secursus and open a claim.

My parcel is delayed, do I need to make a claim ?

If you notice something wrong in the parcel tracking system, just contact Royal Mail and Secursus to open a claim.

How much is DPD next day delivery?

DPD next day delivery prices depend on the size, weight and destination of your parcel.

Where can I drop off my DPD parcel?

You can easily find a drop-off location for your DPD parcel by entering the desired address in the DPD pickup store finder

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