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Secursus is an online platform that enables you to insure your cargo in just a few minutes. Simply sign up and fill out the insurance form. If you require specific coverage or wish to speak with one of our insurance experts, you can easily schedule a meeting with us.

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We are a team of insurance professionals and tech enthusiasts whose sole mission is to provide the most convenient coverage, complemented by cutting-edge tech tools, to simplify the insurance process for your cargo and freight.

Secursus, a subsidiary of the Figural Group, boasts a comprehensive global network of underwriters. We offer tailored insurance policies and coverage to meet your specific needs, choosing from a diverse selection of underwriters renowned for their financial stability and robustness.

Our coverage spans from the simplest to the most intricate risks, including cargo, motor truck cargo insurance, freight, logistics, and marine insurance against a broad spectrum of transportation risks: Damage Due to Improper Handling, War and Strikes, Theft, Quarantine Risks, Pilferage, Transit Risks, Total Loss Only (TLO), Cargo Abandonment, Contamination, Natural Disasters, Legal Expenses, Jettison, and General Average.

Figural and Secursus bring together a team of skilled insurance professionals from top-tier brokers and underwriters, alongside tech specialists who develop dedicated in-house tools for cargo insurance.

This synergy ensures optimal protection for your goods and efficiency through our advanced technology.

Choose us for a proficient and streamlined experience.

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Navigating the Waters of the Cargo Coverage

What's in Our Insurance Basket?

From your rare collectibles and commodities to industrial machinery, we provide comprehensive insurance coverage to protect all goods shipped via cargo or freight. Whether they're delicate or of significant value, you can trust in our specialized protection. Our policies are designed with clarity and minimal exclusions, ensuring absolute peace of mind.

Who Are Our Trusted Carriers?

The global playground is vast, and names like FedEx, DHL, UPS, Maersk Line, and others dominate the horizon. These titans, alongside a plethora of 100+ carriers, are under our insurance policies. Whether it's the deep blues of the sea, the vast roads, or the boundless sky, they've got coverage with their varied services. But remember, choosing a carrier is like choosing a dance partner; the rhythm, pace, and style should match your needs.

Making a Claim? Here’s the Process

Ditch the paper; embrace the pixels. Our online portal will welcome you to a smooth claims experience. And guess what? A friendly insurance agent will be on the other side of the chat, guiding you through. Snap and upload any documents and talk to us anytime, anywhere.

Cargo Insurance FAQs

Cargo Insurance?

Think of it as your safety net while your goods soar across continents or seas. It shields goods on the move, the carriers, the freight forwarders and you from financial bumps caused by misfortunes during transit.

Why Invest in Cargo Protection?

Because fortune favors the prepared. This protective layer cushions your pocket from unexpected hiccups like theft, damages, or losses during your shipment's journey. It's your financial seatbelt, ensuring you don't bear the brunt of damages.

What Can We Shield?

Almost everything that moves. Land, sea, or air – be it boxed, bulked, or bottled, we've got coverage.

Price Tag for Peace of Mind?

It's a cocktail of factors: cargo type, its value, your destination, transport means, and coverage depth. The golden rule? More valuable items typically pull a higher premium.

What's Under the Umbrella?

We safeguard against financial turbulence caused by damages, theft, natural calamities, or those pesky unpredictable events. Plus, the vessels (containers & packaging) transporting your goods. They're under the shield too.

Blind Spots in Coverage?

Our coverage might sidestep war acts, terrorism, some packing faux pas, or label missteps. And certain special cargo (like hazardous materials) might play hard to get.

Got a Claim?

Simply open a claim from your dashboard and upload your documents on our 24/7 online platform.

How Patient Should I Be for Claim Results?

Depending on the intricacies of the claim and the insurer's responsiveness, the process can range from a quick sprint of just a few days to several weeks for the most complex situations, where insurance experts are needed to evaluate the loss.

What's Off the List?

Besides wars and civil unrest, sometimes packaging flaws, mislabeling, or bending the rules can leave you out in the cold.

Who's Holding the Cargo Protection Flag High?

Giants like Lloyd's of London, AIG, Axa, Generali, and Zurich Insurance Group are just a few names in the galaxy of cargo underwriters. Each has its flavor, coverage nuances, and wallet impact.

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