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Secursus is a digital shipping insurance that covers all your shipments for only 0.7% of their value, up to US$120K


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Low pricing

We offer the fullest coverage on the market for one of the cheapest rates.


We cover a wide array of goods usually excluded by carriers.

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Our guarantees

How can I insure US$120K at a 0.7% rate?

Our shipping insurance is easy to use: just create an account in two minute and add a payment card. You can then use our service immediately.
Remember to read our shipping instructions necessary to make sure you will get compensation in case of loss or damage.

Our insurance contract is constantly improving as we work with insurance providers to offer you the best rates and coverage with no deductible or extra cost.

How do we select our insurance partners?

To guarantee the best coverage, we only work with insurers with A+ grading awarded by Standard & Poor’s.

Our insurance contract is based on three things:

  • Offering a simple service accessible everywhere
  • A single rate and compensation without deductible
  • An extensive coverage with very limited exclusions

How are payments secured?

Your personal data is processed, stocked and protected by Stripe, our trusted partner for the management of all payment solutions.

To guarantee safety and protection of your information, we do not store any of your payment data.

What is ORIAS ?

Immatriculation Orias Secursus

Orias was created in 2007 according to a 2002 European Union directive to certify insurance intermediaries. It is in charge of handling the Single Register of Insurance, Banking, and Finance Intermediaries, and delivers authorizations necessary to work as a broker, general agent or insurance representative, as well as an intermediary in bank operations, payment services...

Secursus is registered with ORIAS as an insurance broker. With this, you have the guarantee of a professional service that fully complies with insurance regulations.

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Used this company for insurance on a shipment coming from China on the offchance of any issues. Very glad I did - the claim was handled extremely well - they took ownership and the claim was settled within a reasonable timeframe. Delighted.

P Martin

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Better coverage / better price

The goods I send are not covered by the traditional insurances. For me, Secursus is the only way to ship safely. And even if the goods you’re sending are covered (or you think they are), Secursus is always a better solution since it’s less expensive !


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Shipping essential

I used Secursus insurance cover for several deliveries mainly International (the insurance provided by the shipping company would actually not cover the type of items I sold). The subscription is really easy and fast, the cost is attractive and the delivery tips are very useful. I strongly recommend if you want to get your items insured during shipping!


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This company is one of the best I have delt with

This company is one of the best insurance company’s I have used. The claim handler did as much as they could after my partners gaming pc got damaged by dpd the secursus handled my claim excellent, I have told all my clients about this company [...]

Andrew Williams

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Fantastic company

Couldn 't believe that this company existed. They are absolutely ESSENTIAL to anyone sending high value shipments. The best value by far. I have been using them for over a year and they are EXTREMELY easy to deal with and excellent communication. Email responses usually within minutes! Really superb company.

Benjamin Bookman

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Our advices to use Secursus

Shipping advice

Learn more about the conditions and good practice regarding how your shipment must be prepared and sent.

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Our coverage

Secursus covers a wide array of items worth up to US$120,000.00, with no deductible or extra cost.

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Any questions ?

Our customer service is available to answer all your questions and advise you on your next shipment.

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