Frequently Asked Questions

Some frequently asked questions

How it works?

The process is very simple : sign-up, add a payment card and click on « insure a parcel ».
You will need the tracking number to insure your parcel. If you don’t have it yet, you can purchase the insurance on the same day of the consignement until 11.59 pm.

How much does the insurance cost?

The insurance costs 1% if your item is worth more than US$715.00. For cheaper items, we apply a US$2.00 minimum charge, more details on our pricing page

Is the insurance cover valid worldwide?

Most countries are covered, but we have certain exclusions depending on where you are. If you’re within the UK, you can send your parcel worldwide except for countries currently at war or under embargo. For more information, refer to article 3 in our terms and conditions.

Who can use Secursus?

Everyone would you be a private individual or a registered business/company.

Which are the accepted payment methods?

You can pay with a debit/credit card. All your banking data are protected by our payment provider Stripe.

Can I insure just one shipment?

Absolutely, there is no minimum.

Apart from the insurance cost, is there any hidden cost?

None! The insurance cost is based on the actual item's value only.

How is my private payment data stored?

Your banking data is stored and encrypted with our payment provider Stripe.

Can I insure a parcel being sent to me?

It is not recommended to insure a parcel as a recipient. Indeed, for Secursus insurance to function properly, the parcel must adhere to certain packaging and discretion guidelines. However, as the recipient, you have no control over the parcel's preparation. If it does not comply with the packaging rules or if there is any indication of the nature of the goods on the outside of the parcel, compensation may be denied.

We recommend asking your sender to insure the parcel on Secursus themselves and to ensure that they adhere to the prevention rules outlined on the page dedicated to parcel preparation. This way, you can be certain of being well protected in case of any loss.

What are the accepted carriers?

Secursus insures parcels from classic carriers offering direct delivery with signature. The carrier must have a tracking system.

What are the excluded goods?

We insure 99% of tems sold online, except alcohol, dangerous or illegal goods. The full exclusion list can be found here.

I don’t have any purchase/retail invoices that prove the value of my item, can I still insure it?

You will have to prove the insured value. We accept a retail/purchase invoice, a certificate of sale between individuals or an expert appraisal.

I just sold an item, which value should I insure? Purchase or retail?

You can insure your item at its latest sale value, we need just an invoice / receipt / certificate that proves the item's value.

Where can I book my shipment at the best price?

You can book your shipment directly from the carrier or using an online shipping comparator.

Can I use a shipping broker?

Absolutely, just enter the carrier's tracking number on our insurance form.

If I buy my shipments from a broker, who should I talk to?

In this case, you will have to make a claim to the shipping broker who is the owner of the carrier account.

If I take out Secursus insurance, should I also insure my item with the carrier/broker?

You should not buy any insurance from your carrier as our insurance cannot be cumulated. Secursus will reimburse what the carrier does not.

I insure many parcels each month, is there any other way to insure?

The Secursus Integration service is made for high volume shippers. Secursus offers a desktop app for Mac and Windows where you can insure parcels by submitting Excel files. Our API is also available if you need to ingrate our service into your website/marketplace.

How do I make a claim?

You can open a claim directly from your dashboard. You will be able to submit all your documents on our dedicated claim platform.

I saw that I also need to make a claim with the carrier/broker, why?

To be able to open your claim with Secursus, you must engage the responsibility of the carrier by addressing them a claim. Just send us a copy of the claim (screenshot) and forward all replies you may receive.

Does Secursus refunds the full value of the insured item?

If your carrier/broker does not compensate you, Secursus will reimburse 100% of the insured value. If you receive a refund from the carrier or freight broker, this compensation will be deducted from our refund.

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How is my parcel protected?

Immatriculation Orias Secursus

Secursus is a registered insurance broker, registered with ORIAS (France’s official register of financial intermediaries) under number 18002684.

We work with well-established insurance companies that specialize in parcel insurance. Our standard coverage is limited to US$120,000.00 per parcel. However, if you wish to insure a parcel worth more please contact us directly by email.

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