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Goods in transit insurance: what is it?

Goods in transit insurance, sometimes called GIT, is insurance that covers items from theft, loss, or damage while they are being carried from one place to another in the course of business.

The goods in transit insurance can cover both domestic and international shipping depending on the country's regulations and the insurance coverages policy. Goods in transit insurance include the protection of the goods you are carrying inside your vehicle.

If you are a courier or in the haulage industry, having goods in transit insurance will provide peace of mind in case of losses, in case you or your customer’s materials, goods, or cargo are lost, stolen, or damaged during transit. “Goods in transit insurance” is not regular parcel insurance. Indeed, the goods are only covered while being in transit and not while they are in the vehicle at a depot.

Moreover, it must be understood that “goods in transit insurance” only covers the contents of your vehicle and does not replace van insurance, car insurance or HGV insurance you have for the vehicle itself.

Do you need goods in transit insurance?

Whether you are carrying goods for your business, a company, a broker, for a client, whether you are a hauler or a courier, you will certainly needinsurance transportation to cover the content of your vehicle (a van, a pickup, or any means of transport). As a driver, you are regularly transporting goods and parcels, meaning you are on the road often, and this increases the risks for your parcels a lot.

Goods in transit insurance is thus perfect to reduce these risks, increase safety and protect your parcels during transit. Indeed, goods in transit insurance companies will cover you and your goods in case of theft and loss (while in transit) and damages (caused by accidents during transit or damages caused during transit in general).

Consequently, the more expensive the content of your vehicle is, the more you should be needing to cover your goods with transit insurance.

Do you need insurance for your parcel ?

This is completely up to you but since there is always a risk that a parcel will be lost or damaged, it often makes sense and offers peace to insure your transported goods. Insuring your goods is not always necessary but it increases security for your shipping. The more your shipping is valuable, the more you should be willing to use insurance.

Consider the following advantages:

  • If your package has been properly packed following all Secursus rules, you will be covered and compensated for any damage or loss.
  • You will also receive as an indemnity the value of the order back plus the delivery costs.

Want to insure your shipment with Secursus?

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Why should you choose Secursus to protect your parcel?

  • Our service is an insurance online which is the perfect combination of fair prices and costs and quality of service in terms of insurance protection : our insurance protects goods that are usually not covered by any ordinary insurance-company.

  • Our prices are fair and calculated in the same way for everyone, no matter the type of business. Moreover, it is really easy to get insurance quotes thanks to our calculator. You need to enter the value of the goods you want to insure and you will instantly get a clear idea of the costs of the insurance. You need to enter the value of the goods you want to insure and you will instantly get a clear idea of the costs of the insurance.

  • Our services are open and adapted to all : businesses, private sellers, companies or individuals.

  • As previously said, our online calculator allows a quick and easy estimate and insurance quote and allows you to finalise your parcel’s insurance in just a few minutes.

  • Our claims process is very easy and our customer service is qualified and very responsive.

You have decided to insure your parcel with Secursus? Clever! But do not forget:

  • Respect the packaging requirements to be able to get your money back and be covered in case of a claim. Indeed: At Secursus we have a detailed policy regarding packaging to protect your items as best as possible and to avoid any problems. See article 8.
  • You need to carefully check the amount that can be claimed: if your shipment is underinsured, this will be a waste of money for you.
  • Do not forget to have a look at the excluded products list, to avoid insuring and covering a parcel unnecessarily.
  • Also, check our list of excluded countries to avoid having your compensation claims rejected.
  • Also be sure to keep the proof of delivery: you will need to provide it in case of a damage claim.
  • Our insurance comes into effect and covers your goods the moment the insured items are handed over to the carrier. Thereafter, our cover ends when the goods are handed over to the recipient, in return for a receipt issued by the latter, or, at the latest, 14 (fourteen) days from the pick-up date, regardless of the transport method. And for returned items, the insurance’s cover ends either 14 (fourteen) days after the initial pick-up date, regardless of the transport method as well. You want to insure more than one package or you want to insure the content of your vehicle ?

At Secursus, we want to tailor our service to our client: we are willing to offer you the service you deserve and the transportation insurance you need. So please feel free to contact us at for any complementary information or for any advice in terms of insurance !

Secursus: parcel insurance

Secursus offers online shipping insurance that covers all your shipments and guarantee the surety of your goods, even the valuable ones, up to £90,000 per parcel. We do insure your package from the beginning to the end. Indeed we do cover all the shipment process from A to Z and not only during the transit unlike goods in transit insurance. Our insurance provides a tailor made and 100% adaptable service : our goal is to help you as much as we can : we want our client to get what they need in terms of service, we tailor to your particular case in terms of cover and need. So please feel free to contact us to get a tailor made service and options. You can also try and get a quote online with our online calculator!

What does Secursus insurance cover ?

We will cover your shipping in case of :

  • Theft
  • Damage
  • Loss

Our insurance covers levels flexible between £1.00 and £90,000. Moreover, the cost of our insurance and our insurance services are the same for everyone (business, private seller, private individual…) and for all destinations (please make sure to have a look at the countries excluded in our insurance’s scope that you will find in our insurance general liability here).

Our insurance policy does not exclude high-value items at all. Indeed, we have decided to provide insurance for almost every product and object, including unusual goods such as luxury watches, luxury, leatherworking or works of art for example. Here is a non-exhaustive table - for illustrative purposes - of the different items covered by our insurance :

Jewellery, pearls, precious stones, watches


Books, magazines, posters


Medicines that do not require controlled temperature


Articles of clothing, shoes, fashion accessories


Goldsmithing, collector coins


Works of art, collectibles, handicrafts


Sporting goods (including bicycles)


High-tech items


To ensure that Secursus insurance can cover your shipment, you need to have a look at our exclusions list, to be sure your item is not listed in it.

How much does it cost to insure a shipment with us ?

Our online insurance covers your item at its reel cost! With no deductible or depreciation even for second-hand items. If you are looking to get online quote from Secursus, please go to our calculator and enter the value you wish to insure. Our insurance cost is 1% of the value you want to insure. For example : for a package valued at £1,000, our insurance will only cost £10.

Payments are made in GBP£ through our payment provider Stripe. If you wish to use another currency, you can simply convert the value by using a currency converter such as In case you need more information or any kind of help, please feel free to get in touch with our customer support:

Choosing our service means choosing fair prices for your goods’ insurance. Indeed, our pricing is lower than most of all other insurers (please feel free to get quotes online with our calculator to compare quotes with other insurance provider). Usually, our prices are at least 40% lower than complementary carrier's insurance and up to 80% lower than online parcel brokers. We have decided to provide transport insurance that will both offer fair and low prices and a large range of authorised goods: indeed as previously said, our range of covered goods is huge. We cover goods that other insurers usually do not insure at all (work of art, luxury watches…).

What is not covered by our insurance ?

As we previously mentioned, our insurance does not cover certain types of goods. Here you will find the detailed list of goods that we cannot include in our insurance liability.
And for your information, see this non-exhaustive table - for illustrative purposes - of examples of items that are NOT covered by our insurance:

Dangerous merchandise (classified by conventions, laws or regulations)

Not covered

Tobacco, cigarettes or alcohol

Not covered

Banknotes, checks, currencies

Not covered

Living animals

Not covered

Temperature-controlled goods (any kind)

Not covered

Fur, skin and leather

Not covered

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