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Need to secure an expensive item? No need to request a quote, our insurance has a fixed rate for everyone.

No matter what item you send and where you send it, the price remains the same: 0.7% of the insured value, with a €1.5 minimum. There is no subscription fee, only pay per use with your credit card.

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from US$2.00

Coverage up to US$120K for all carriers worldwide.

Unique pricing worldwide
Valid for all carriers offering a sign-for delivery service
Minimum rate of US$2.00
Precious and valuable goods
Coverage of up to US$120,000.00

* * For the legally binding details, please see our full Terms and Conditions.

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Do you need to insure more than 500 shipments per month?

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Custom pricing
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Fixed insurance rate

Our insurance rate is fixed no matter if you send an expensive watch or random electronics.

Calculate your insurance costs using our insurance calculator on this pricing page or directly from our home page.

We do our best to provide the best pricing on the market so you can save at least 50% compared to carriers.

Need to insure for more than US$120,000 ?

Our coverage goes up to US$120,000 per shipment and includes most valuable items that carriers don’t cover.

Should you need to insure for more than that, please send us an email so that we can make a special request to our insurer.

We always recommend to contact our customer support team before shipping an expensive item, so we can validate your shipping process.

Do you need a detailed offer?

If you ship more than 5000 parcels per month, please consider using our Secursus Integration which is dedicated to large businesses.

Depending on your volume, we can offer a made to mesure pricing and adjust the guarantees to your needs. Our API allows you to integrate our services into your website, application or CRM.
A desktop application is also available on PC, Mac and Linux to insure from Excel files.

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