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Ship your parcels with Royal Mail as you always do and insure them in just a few clicks on Secursus.

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The Royal Mail parcel insurance

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Maximum coverage within the UK £2,500 £90,000 *
Maximum coverage for international shipping £250 £90,000 *
Minimum price £6.60 ** £1.50 *
Cost for £500 insured £7.40 ** £5.00 *
Cost for £1,000 insured £9.70 ** £10.00 *
Cost for £10,000 insured Not covered £100.00 *
Second-hand items Yes Yes
Watches and jewellery Yes Yes
High tech, mobile phone Yes Yes
Collectibles Yes Yes
Rate for £1,000 4.75% excl. VAT 1% inc. VAT

Source: Royal Mail Special delivery by 1pm
* Based on EUR/GBP conversion on 2020-12-28 - source
** Royal Mail includes insurance in shipping pricing on 2020-12-28

Royal Mail parcel prices

To understand Royal Mail postage costs, we've provided you with Royal Mail parcel prices within the UK. This pricing concerns Royal Mail Special Delivery Guaranteed by 1pm which includes a £500 cover.

Weight Royal Mail prices
100g £6.85
500g £7.65
1kg £8.95
2kg £11.15
10kg £26.75
20kg £41.35

International Royal Mail prices

Here are the Royal Mail prices for international parcels. This pricing does not include any coverage.

Weight Europe World
100g £5.80 £9.35
250g £5.95 £10.95
500g £7.80 £16.60
1kg £10.20 £23.00
2kg £13.00 £30.45

Why do you need an additional insurance?

Secursus insures your parcels up to £90,000 when Royal Mail is limited to £2500 within the UK, and only up to £250 for international shipments.

Royal Mail insurance is without a doubt one of the best insurance on the market as the overall price is very competitive.

However, the coverage is limited to £2,500 if you send your parcel to the UK and up to £250 if your parcel is traveling overseas. Compared to this, our service at Secursus allows you to insure a parcel and its content up to 100,000€. Knowing this, you have several options: you can insure your goods with Royal mail first up to their limited coverage and then insure the rest of your product value with Secursus. Or you can insure your parcel directly with Secursus, which will be more convenient let’s be honest.

Moreover, you shall know that in case of any problem during transportation or shipping our team of professionals is always very responsive and dedicated to help you. Moreover, we always recommend you to open a claim within 14 days of shipping date just in case anything would be damaged or lost. In any case, our team will help you during the claim process to get fast and maximum compensation.

Claim management

Our online claims platform allows you to easily submit the needed documents and get compensated within 30 days.


Our coverage goes up to £90,000 per parcel and covers high-risk items such as mobile phones, high tech devices, watches, jewelleries, arts, car parts, second-hand items as well as all standard items.


We always recommend that you open a claim with us within 14 days if your parcel has not yet been delivered. It’s also important to make a claim with the carrier as a copy of the claim will be requested by our insurer.

Royal Mail is a very efficient shipping carrier, but the insurance coverage is limited to £2500 within the UK, and only up to £250 for international shipments

Why is Royal Mail a reliable shipping service?

Royal Mail is one the best carriers in the UK. Royal Mail which went private in 2015 is one the best couriers in the UK.

Royal Mail is a reliable and fast parcel delivery service within the Uk and worldwide.

Their well known offers are multiple: from "Royal Mail Special Delivery Guaranteed by 1pm" to "Royal Mail Special Delivery Guaranteed by 9am" or even "Royal Mail Signed For".

If you want to send a Royal Mail parcel, you can go to your local post office or sign up for an account with an online shipping comparator.

Domestic shipments

International shipments

Delivery speed

Parcel worth less than €1000


Royal Mail insurance in 10 questions

Can I insure my Royal Mail parcel with Secursus ?

Absolutely, Secursus insures thousands of Royal Mail parcels on a monthly basis.

How can I insure my Royal Mail parcel on Secursus?

You can insure your Royal Mail parcel in just 2 minutes on our website. Just sign-in, add a payment card, and go to our insurance form.

You will have to send your parcel first. Once you are in possession of the tracking number, go to Secursus and insure it.

Can I insure my international parcels?

Yes international parcels are insurable up to £90,000 per parcel. Our service works worldwide except for countries at war or under embargo.

Can I use Secursus for a single parcel?

Absolutely, our service is open to everyone and with no minimum required. You can either insure one or 150 parcels or even more ! This is up to you.

Can I use Secursus with other carriers?

Yes, our service works with thousands of carriers worldwide.

Which carrier is refused by Secursus?

Sea carriers offering only container shipments.

When should I take out the insurance?

You must insure your parcel on Secursus on the same day of shipping. As you need a tracking number to take out the insurance, you first need to ship the parcel and insure it later on that day (at 11:59 pm maximum on the day of departure).

My Royal Mail parcel is lost or damaged, how can I make a claim ?

You will first have to address a written claim to Royal Mail. Then, you must contact Secursus and open a claim as soon as possible.

My parcel is delayed, do I need to make a claim ?

If you notice something wrong in the parcel tracking system, just contact Royal Mail and Secursus to open a claim.

How to contact Secursus?

Should you have any questions or if you need any complementary information our support team is available 5/7 by email. If you need a callback, please send us your phone number and we will contact you.

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