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Yodel insurance

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Maximum coverage £1,000 £90,000
Minimum price £5.00 £1.50
Cost for £100 insured £5.00 £1.50
Cost for £500 insured £25.00 £5.00
Cost for £1,000 insured £50.00 £10.00
Jewelleries No Yes
Collector’s items No Yes
Watches and clocks Yes (under conditions) Yes
Musical instruments No Yes
Rate for £1,000 5% 1%

Sources: Yodel exclusion list (2022-08-23), Yodel insurance fees calculator (2022-08-23)

Yodel prices

Yodel parcel prices will depend on the weight and the size of your parcel and of course its destination. The Yodel service chosen will also determine the price of your shipment.

Here you will find an example for a 20x20x20 parcel in the UK Story to Door Yodel service.

Weight Store to door by Yodel
1kg £2.79
2kg £3.79
5kg £5.49
10kg £6.49

Yodel international prices

The Yodel international prices are based on the weight, size and destination of your parcel. Please note that the following prices were calculated based on a 20x20x20 parcel going from the UK to Northern Ireland. Also note that Yodel does not offer to send parcels any elsewhere than the UK or Northern ireland.

Weight Store to door by Yodel
1kg £2.79
2kg £3.79
5kg £5.49
10kg £6.49

Our opinion on the insurance

Yodel insurance is quite expensive compared to Secursus shipping insurance: indeed, Secursus is up to 5 times cheaper than Yodel one. Moreover, at Secursus we offer a long list of included items such as jewellery, watches or collectibles. We choose to offer our client the most inclusive insurance and at the best prices.

We are also willing to help our client if needed: in case of a claim or a problem with an order, you can contact our care service and we will be happy to help you with anything. Our insurance is offering the best prices for your parcels up to £90,000.

Why is using Secursus as a complementary insurance a good choice?

Insuring your Yodel parcel with Secursus means benefitting from the best prices on the market: indeed, we are 5 times less expensive than Yodel insurance.It also means having full support for your claim and documentation in case of a problem: our customer service is always willing to help you get a quick compensation.

By insuring your Yodel parcels with Secursus you choose one of the most reliable and cheapest insurance: we insure your parcels up to £90.000 at a flat rate.

We are way cheaper than any other third party insurance but we are also the most inclusive: we insure items that are usually not allowed such as jewelry, watches, artworks, high tech in general…
Also, our terms and conditions, our insurance rules and conditions are as clear as possible to avoid any bad surprises and to ensure that our clients get a quick and a fair refund.

Support and compensation

Secursus’s customer service team will be happy to support you if you need it: to open a claim or to fill in documentation etc. We are here to help you get a quick compensation.


Our coverage goes up to £90.000 per parcel at Secursus and we cover almost all items: from standard items to high-risks items like high tech, artworks, watches, luxury items and bags etc.

My Yodel parcel is late or delayed

If your Yodelparcel is delayed or late, do not worry: our advice is to open a preventive claim just in case. If needed, it will make the compensation procedure smoother and fastest.

We recommend you to use Yodel Transportation service for your national parcels: their service is cheap but qualitative and very reliable!

Is Yodel a recommended carrier to ship my parcel?

Yodel is a qualitative carrier for your deliveries in Northern Ireland and United Kingdom.

Yodel transportation service would be a highly recommended service to use if you need to send a parcel within the UK. Indeed, Yodel is a leading company in the UK and they guarantee a cheap service, and a fast and smooth delivery for your parcel.

You can send your Yodel parcel directly through Yodel’s website online or you can also use a comparator online to get cheap quotes for your shipment.

Indeed, Yodel is a suitable and reliable service if you need to ship something in the UK. Moreover, the services offered by Yodel are 100% compatible with Secursus online insurance.

Domestic shipments

International shipments

Delivery speed

Parcel worth less than €1000

High value parcels

Questions about Yodel insurance and services

Does Yodel deliver on Sundays?

No, Yodel does not deliver on Sundays. However, they can sometimes deliver on Sundays during exceptional times: busy periods or christmas period for example.

The standard Yodel UK delivery times are between 7am and 9pm from Mondays to Saturday

At what time does Yodel deliver?

Yodel delivery times are between 7am to 9pm from Monday to Saturday. So, this means your parcel may arrive at your destination any time between 7am to 9pm.

Does Yodel deliver on Saturdays?

Yodel delivers on Saturdays but not on Sundays.

They deliver parcels between 7am to 9pm from Monday to Saturday in the UK.

How long does Yodel take to deliver?

For a parcel sent within the European Union, you can expect your Yodel parcel to be delivered within 3 to 5 days. However, if you are sending your parcel to another destination like North America, Asia, Africa etc, your parcel will take longer to arrive: between 6 to 10 days.

What time does Yodel deliver until?

Yodel delivers your parcel from 7am to 9pm from Monday to Friday within the UK.

During exceptional times or circumstances , delivery on Sundays can happen.

How can I insure my Yodel parcel on Secursus?

To insure your parcel on Secursus you first have to sign in online on Secursus, it's super quick and easy, then you have to add a payment card and fill in our insurance form to insure your parcel. Finally, to finalise your parcel insuring process you just need to get your parcel’s tracking number and fill in our insurance form.

Can I insure my international parcels ?

Of course, with Secursus you can insure national and domestic parcels as well as international parcels and packages, up to £90,000.

Can I use Secursus for a single parcel?

Yes, Secursus can be used to send either one, 10 or 500 parcels. We have no quantitative limitation at Secursus.

Which carrier is refused by Secursus?

The only carriers excluded by Secursus insurance are the sea carriers only offering container shipments.

My parcel is delayed, do I need to make a claim ?

Yes! When your Yodel parcel is lost or delayed you have to open a claim. You should first contact Yodel to get some information and then contact Secursus to open a claim with us.

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