Secursus insures your Fedex parcel at the lowest rate and covers all risky items excluded or limited by Fedex insurance.

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About Fedex

Fedex works like other carriers: the sender prepares his merchandise, packs it as it should be and after having franked his package, it is recovered by the expert hands of the carrier.

After a few days, the recipient receives the parcel at home, in case of absence it is a slip that will be deposited in his mailbox and it will then be possible to retrieve his parcel in a collection point. If the person receiving the package is present at the time of delivery, he/she can sign the proof of receipt if necessary. In case of problems with the received goods, and even more so if it is valuable, it is preferable to have taken out an insurance policy at the same time as sending and receiving the package.

Indeed, thanks to the insurance, the responsibility in case of theft, loss or damage due to the transport falls, according to the conditions, to the carriers and thus makes it possible to protect its sendings and to profit from a refund if necessary.

Obviously Fedex has its own insurance, like all carriers. But what advantages does it really offer? Is it ideal for your needs? We give you all the information you need!

Fedex offers excellent shipping service and fast deliveries. As an example : it only takes 2-3 days for a package to go from the US to Australia.

Most shipping methods include signed upon delivery, making it compatible with the Secursus insurance.

Fedex international insurance

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Maximum coverage $1,000 - $50,000
depending items & countries
Second-hand items Yes Yes
Watches max. $1000 Yes
Jewellery max. $1000 Yes
High tech items, mobile phone Yes Yes
Collectibles Yes Yes
Rate for £10,000 Unknown 1%

Source: Fedex pricing details

Intra UK rates

UK rates depend on parcel weight and can be calculated on the Fedex website or using an online shipping comparator.

Weight Price
0,5kg £58.20
1kg £62.00
1,5kg £67.10
2kg £72.20
2,5kg £77.30
3kg £96.60

International Fedex rates

International rates depend on parcel weight and traveled distance. You can get a quote from Fedex’s website or from an online shipping comparator.

Weight Price
0,5kg £65.40
1kg £73.60
1,5kg £80.50
2kg £87.40
2,5kg £94.30
3kg £120.60

Why should you use our Fedex Insurance?

Secursus saves you up to 30% and covers all your valuable goods up to £90,000 per parcel.

If you are looking to insure your package nationally or internationally, you are probably already aware that most carriers’ insurances are very expensive and do not cover valuables and high risk products or items. Secursus, our online insurance is willing to insure almost every item another carrier would normally reject.

Secursus insures 99% of goods sold online, even the riskiest : watches, jewelleries, phones, laptops, collectibles etc. We want to insure your product as its real worth and value, with no additional fees or costs. Insuring your parcel with us means you will not need to disclose the actual value of your parcel to the carrier (except for customs purposes). Indeed, parcel handlers will not be able to tell if any valuable product is inside your parcel. Moreover, if something goes wrong during transit, our team will assist you during the entire claim process and help you get a fast compensation.

Claim management

Secursus is willing to offer a great after-sale service : that is why we dedicated a claim platform online, in which our agents can help and assist you through the claim process. Our goal is to give you compensation for your lost or damaged parcel within 30 days after the reception of all the valid documents.


Our coverage goes up to £90,000 per parcel and covers most items that are currently excluded or limited by Fedex as previously mentioned. Such as watches, jewelleries, high tech or mobile phones.


If your Fedex parcel is delayed or something goes wrong during transit, we highly recommend you to open a claim with Fedex first. If needed, we will be more than happy to help you obtain proof of loss / damage from the carrier.

Fedex is one of the very best carriers if you want to ship a package very quickly, but their insurance cost is very excessive.

Why is Fedex one of the best carriers in the world?

Fedex is definitely a very reliable carrier in the United States, Europe and Asia.

Fedex is a transportation company specialized in imports, exports and all shipments national or international. For documentation, parcels or anything you would want to ship.

With Fedex, you will be offered reliable services with an international cover : at least 220 countries and territories are covered by Fedex. Fedex also offers a lot of options ; from 24h deliveries to express deliveries to 24h/24h deliveries… This to answer all the clients' demands.
Indeed, Fedex is a leader business in international deliveries : with more than 220 countries available, 650 airports, and more or less 220 000 vehicles dedicated night and day to deliver the 17 (on average) billion parcels that are sent with Fedex daily.

Domestic shipments

International shipments

Delivery speed

Parcel worth less than €1000

High value parcels

Fedex insurance in 10 questions

Can I insure my Fedex package with Secursus?

Yes you can, we insure thousands of Fedex parcels on a monthly basis.

How can I insure my Fedex package on Secursus?

You can insure your Fedex parcels in just a few clicks with Secursus. First step is creating an account, then adding a credit/debit card, and going to our insurance form. First, you need to have the Fedex tracking number. Once you have the tracking number, go to Secursus and insure your product.

Can I insure my Fedex package from the USA?

You can insure your parcel from anywhere in the world, except for countries at war or under embargo.

Can I use the insurance for a single package?

Our service is open to everyone, whether you are a large company or an individual customer.

Can I insure packages sent with other carriers?

Yes, we work with thousands of carriers and shipper.

Which carriers cannot be covered by Secursus?

Sea carriers offering only container shipments. Just make sure you select a « signed-for » shipping service.

When should I buy the insurance?

You must insure your Fedex package using Secursus on the same date of the consignment before the end of the day (at 11.59 pm maximum).

My Fedex package is lost or damaged, how can I make a claim?

You'll first have to address a written claim to Fedex. Then reach out to Secursus and open a claim within 14 days after shipping date.

My package is delayed, what should I do?

If you notice something wrong in the package tracking system, just contact Fedex and Secursus to open a claim.

How to contact Secursus?

Should you have any questions our support team is available 7/7 by email. If you need a callback, please send us your phone number and we will contact you.

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