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Sign in on Secursus and protect your parcels: with your insurance you can insure all your GLS parcels at the best price with us.

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GLS insurance

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Maximum coverage Unavailable £90,000
Minimum price No insurance £1.50
Cost for £1,000 insured No insurance £10.00
Cost for £10,000 insured No insurance £100.00
Cost for £50,000 insured No insurance £500.00
Second-hand items No Yes
Watches and jewellery No Yes
High tech, mobile phones No Yes
Collectibles No Yes
Rate for £50,000 Not applicable 1%

GLS prices

The prices for your GLS parcel will mainly depend on its weight, size and the country of destination. This table is an example (of Republic of Ireland) of the shipping prices for a parcel following the size and weight of it.

Dimensions (Longest + shortest sides) Price
Max 25cm £8.00
Max 50cm £8.50
Max 65cm £13.50
Max 80cm £16.50
To the max. girth £18.00

International GLS rates

The shipping prices for your GLS parcel will depend on the service you choose, the weight and size of your parcel, and of course its destination following the different Zone! Check this table to get an idea of GLS prices for your parcel.

Euro 1: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherland

Euro 2 & 3: Finland, Portugal, Spain (no island deliveries), Sweden, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungry, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia

Dimensions Euro 1 Euro 2 & 3
Max 25cm £22.50 £33.00
Max 50cm £28.00 £38.50
Max 65cm £37.00 £43.50
Max 80cm £43.50 £49.00
To the max. girth £50.00 £60.00

Our opinion on the insurance

There is no real GLS shipping insurance: in fact they do offer protection up to £350 which is more the civil liability of GLS than real shipping insurance. It does entitle you to compensation in the event of the carrier's failure to carry out his duties.

However, for your valuable parcels and other ones, you will need real insurance and real protection. We advise you to use a third party one such as Secursus for example! We are reliable, cheap and protect your parcel up to £90,000.

Is additional insurance such as Secursus really useful?

With Secursus, you can insure your GLS parcels and get very clear insurance conditions and clear information about claim and reimbursement. Secursus will also support you to get a quick refund and support if needed.

Choosing Secursus to insure your GLS parcels will allow you to benefit from the best prices on the market, a cheap but qualitative insurance. Indeed, Secursus is not expensive at all and we allow you to insure parcels up to £90.000.

Moreover, our shipping insurance is very reliable and easy to use. We give our clients all the necessary information and advice for them to protect your parcel the best way possible. Secursus is willing to help you to create a smooth and safe transit for your parcels.

At Secursus our customer service is of course always willing to help you in case you need some help to fill in your claim and find the right documentation.

Support and compensation

If you need any help or support for your claim or with all the documents needed, our customer service team is available for you. At Secursus we are always happy to help you and maximise your chances of getting a quick and smooth compensation.


With Secursus you can insure up to £90.000 per parcel. We allow you to insure almost all the items you want and need. Indeed, you can insure items from high tech to luxury items. (jewellery, watches, clothes and bags...) and even artworks or collectibles etc.

My GLS parcel is late

If your GLS parcel is delayed do not worry. First thing to do is to open a preventive claim in case the parcel is really lost. It will help you get a quick compensation!

GLS is a very good and reliable transportation service. Sescurus recommends you
to use GLS for your deliveries.

Is GLS a reliable carrier to use to ship your parcels?

GLS is a qualitative service transportation for international and national shipment and is used worldwide.

As previously mentioned, GLS is a very reliable and qualitative transportation service that you can use to send your parcels around the world. GLS is a well-known delivery company and guarantees a qualitative service to their clients.

Our shipping insurance is of course suitable with GLS shipping services. You can send your GLS parcels and insure them with us.

To get a very cheap price when sending your GLS parcel you can either get a quote online on GLS’s website or you can try to use a comparator online to find the best and cheapest prices for your parcels.

Domestic shipments

International shipments

Delivery speed

Parcel worth less than €1000

High value parcels

GLS Insurance in 10 questions

How long does GLS take to deliver a parcel?

With GLS you can ship your parcels around the world. Deliveries with GLS main service usually take 24 to 48 hours. Standard deliveries approximately take about 72 to 96 hours.

Does GLS deliver on weekends?

Usually, GLS does not deliver on weekends. But you can choose to be delivered on Saturday as an option.

How do I contact GLS?

The best way to contact GLS is to use the application form on the website ! Otherwise you can find the GLS customer care address depending on the country you live in.

Can I insure my GLS package with Secursus?

Yes ! You can of course insure your GLS parcels with us : we already insure a lot of GLS parcels on a monthly basis.

How can I insure my GLS package on Secursus?

Insuring your GLS parcels on Secursus is super easy and quick! You just have to sign in on our website, add a payment card and fill in the insurance form..

Can I use Secursus for a single package?

Of course, you can insure one or a thousand parcels.

Can I insure packages sent with other carriers?

Yes. Our insurance can be used with almost all the carriers.

When should I purchase the insurance?

You have to insure your GLS parcel with Secursus on the same date of the consignment and this before 11.59 pm. This means that you should send your parcel and buy the insurance on the same day.

My GLS package is lost or damaged, how can I make a claim?

If your parcel is late you first need to address a written claim to GLS. Second of all, you need to contact Secursus’s client service team to start the refund procedure.

My package seems delayed, what should I do?

If your package is delayed, you should send a claim to your carrier and ask for an update.

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