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How to integrate Secursus

Professionals and companies: steps and advice on integration

Integrate Secursus in 4 steps to insure parcels from your website, application or CRM. If you don't want to do any development, you can also start using the service using our app. If you need more information or specific support, our sales team is available by email should you need any help.

Step 1 Registration
Secursus account creation

Registration & customer accounts

First of all, if you want to benefit from offers dedicated to businesses, you must open a Secursus Integration account. If you had previously opened a personal account on Secursus, it will not allow you to access the API or the features offered here. You will need to complete a new registration on Secursus Integration to open a business account.

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Step 2 Bank account
fill bank details

Payment and invoicing

Payments are made at the beginning of the month, by direct debit, on the basis of shipments insured during the previous month. You must then register a bank account and confirm a direct debit mandate by entering your IBAN to validate your registration.

Step 3 Configuration
API configuration

API configuration and access

You must then register an access to obtain your API credentials. This identifier will then allow you to integrate the service using our API or use the desktop application. Remember to activate the service in your customer area by clicking on the button "Activate the service in real mode".

Step 4 Use
insured by Secursus

Service integration

Several solutions are available if you want to integrate our service into your website, application or CRM. You can directly integrate our REST API or use one of our libraries for PHP, NodeJS or Python.

You can also insure shipments manually without any IT development by using our PC and Mac application. You will be able to insure shipments using Excel files, directly from the app!

Integrate secursus into your services

Shipper integration scheme

Choice N°1: By integrating the API

The 3 main methods of the Secursus API are as follows:

More information on the documentation!

Logistic integration scheme

Choice N°2: Using the application

You don’t want to carry out any IT development?

You can insure your shipments on a case-by-case basis, directly from our desktop application available on PC and Mac!

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