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How to integrate Secursus

Logistics companies : how to integrate secursus

4 steps to integrate Secursus into your logistics service and start insuring your shipments. Our sales team is available by email should you need any assistance. For an ever smoother customer experience, do not hesitate to request the implementation of the white label use!

Step 1 Registration
Secursus account creation


Unlike the accounts offered on the general public platform, opening a Secursus Integration account requires a specific registration. If you are already registered on the “classic” website, your individual Secursus account does not allow you to access the API as well as the business tools. To open your business account, go to our registration form and open your Secursus Integration account.

Open a Secursus Integration account

Step 2 Bank account
fill bank details

Bank details

To open your Secursus integration account, you must enter your banking information. Enter your IBAN and the name of your bank account to validate the direct debit mandate. Once you use the service, monthly billing will be done based on your insured shipments during the month. Payment will then be made by direct debit, at the beginning of each month.

Step 3 Configuration
API configuration


To get your API credentials, you need to register your website. If you use several technical environments in your deployment cycles (development, pre-production, production ...) it is recommended to register at least one site for your development environments and another one for production. You will be able to use the test API identifier for development and the production API for your logistics platform.
Do not forget to click on the box "Activate the service in real mode". You will find this box directly on your customer area.

Step 4 Use
insured by Secursus

Integration of Secursus into your website

There are several ways to integrate Secursus into your logistics website:

  • You can use one of our libraries for PHP, Python or NodeJS
  • You can integrate the service by directly querying the methods of our API
  • You can insure shipments without going through the IT development stage by using our desktop application available on PC and Mac

Find here all the tools you need to integrate Secursus into your logistics service:

Go further

White label

Do you want to apply your brand to our insurance tools and provide a smooth experience for your customers?

Personalized offer

Depending on the volume and value of the shipments you send, a personalized rate can be offered.

Monitoring and reporting

Do you want to have access to the dashboard to monitor your customers' claims? Access will be open to you on request.

Integrate the api into your transport service

Shipper integration scheme

Choice N°1: Offer insurance to your customers

Use the following 3 API methods within your command tunnel:

That’s it !

Logistic integration scheme

Choice N°2: Automatically insure your shipments

If you want to insure all shipments, you don't have to let your customers choose to insure or not. In this case, it is not necessary that you show the insurance conditions to the end customer.

To directly insure a shipment, use the following API method:

That’s it !

App integration scheme

Choice N ° 3: Do not develop anything and use the application

You do not want to do any IT development and prefer to insure your shipments manually?

You can by using our PC and Mac application. The app works with an excel file and allows you to insure your shipments on a case-by-case basis, directly from the app!

Download the app

Do you want to benefit from the business offers of Secursus insurance?

Start using the service

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