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Packing your parcel: our advice!

Sending parcels: how to pack my parcel?

Your item must be properly packed and packaged in a protective packaging like a corrugated cardboard box or a rigid box reinforced with shipping supplies. You should choose a parcel with the right dimensions and size for the contents to be sent. Also make sure that the content of your package is very well protected (especially if it is fragile or if you are shipping valuables) with, for example, bubble wrap, foam wrap, cushion, polystyrene, bubble pack, packing peanuts or any packing material to prevent damage from any impact.

Our first tip is to double pack your goods:

  • Choose a first protective packaging such as a small rigid box, mailing bags, bubble bags, a cardboard box, a bubble wrap, mattress bags, bubble mailers (ideal for fragile contents or valuables) or another solid plastic or cardboard protection. Make sure it's always to the dimensions of your object: large boxes / large cardboard boxes for large item and small boxes for smaller items. Then, seal it with carton sealing tapes.

  • Then, place this first package in a second, larger one, again, it is up to you to adapt the dimensions and the type and size of the container to the goods being transported: Corrugated cardboard boxes, large cardboard box, shipping envelopes, cardboard envelope, padded plastic envelope etc. Choose what you think is most suitable, but obviously prefer packaging that is rigid and strong enough to withstand transport, possible shocks etc. Double the bubble wrap if necessary and do not hesitate to seal your two packages with adhesive tape and to fil storages boxes with packing paper or ! You can never be too careful.

  • Regarding the packing supplies, you can use reusable, recyclable and / or biodegradable padding and bins or even towels or pouches as an item protector to pack and ship your parcel.

Please note that badly packed parcels cannot be compensated by Secursus. Please also note that Secursus has established a special rule concerning so-called "non-resistant" packaging. Indeed, packaging that is not rigid, such as thin flexible cardboard envelopes or bubble envelopes that are not solid, will only be covered by the AMT for a maximum value of goods set at £200 per package. Once again, we advise you to use strong cardboard packaging for the safe transport of your goods.

Packing your parcel: package discretion

The contents of your package may be valuable goods, objects or products... This could give bad ideas to the various parties who come into contact with your shipping carton. In order to avoid theft or fraud, Secursus makes it a point of honor that absolutely no mention of the nature and/or value of the goods shipped is present on the outside of your parcel or on the packing carton.

This rule is a must and can prevent many problems. Even a small hint, such as an e-mail address with the word "luxury/ watch/ bag", should be avoided! Even the smallest hint can lead to your box being stolen or opened.

If the name of the recipient gives a clue as to the nature of the object, please use an abbreviation or the name of a natural person. It is imperative to find a solution so that no clues are present on the box. Similarly, if the description of the package is written on the packing slip, please use a broad term that does not refer directly to the item being shipped. The customs invoice is at your discretion and should be placed below the packing slip. Please ensure that you provide a complete delivery address with the recipient's address and telephone number.

Tips when packing your parcel: take photos

To add another level of protection to your shipment: always take some photos of the item and your box or parcel with the packing slip visible before you send it. Of course, keep these photos carefully until the entire shipping and receiving process is completed. These photos will be requested if your parcel is lost or damaged.

If your parcel arrives damaged at its destination, it is essential that you write clear reservations on the delivery note with as much detail as possible about the damage. It is your right to check your order before signing the delivery note. Do not hesitate to take pictures of the visibly damaged box when you receive it.

If you sign the package without reservation, it will not be possible to make a claim. Do not throw away damaged parcels, photos may be requested when making a claim. We strongly advise you to inform the recipient of your package about these precautions if you wish to be compensated in case of such an incident.

Carrier and delivery method

Please note: Secursus only insures packages delivered against signature. We accept all carriers offering direct delivery to the recipient: TNT, DPD, Royal Mail, DHL, Fedex etc. The only essential point is the delivery of the order against the signature.

Please note: It is possible that your carrier may not allow certain goods to be picked up, so always check that yours is transportable and that it is not refused by the carrier.

Parcels sent from or to non-professional transport outlets will not be covered by Secursus insurance. Parcels can be insured worldwide, with the exception of countries at war or under embargo such as Syria, Iraq, North Korea etc... The Secursus shipping insurance will be in effect for 14 days from the departure of the goods, so please choose a shipping method that is fast enough to be delivered within this period. In case of long delays, please contact us to extend the coverage.

Secursus: insuring my parcel

Secursus is the possibility to insure your parcel(s), valuable or not, online and in a few minutes ! We offer you the possibility to send or receive goods up to £90,000 without fear or worrying. Our shipping insurance covers your parcels against theft, loss, and damage, both in France and abroad, at the best price on the market! Moreover, we offer you the possibility to adapt to your needs.

Try our Secursus price calculator to get a price estimate in a few seconds! As you may already know, at Secursus our aim is to provide our customers with a clear and efficient service: we want you to have every chance of being compensated in the event of theft, loss or damage to the goods insured with us. Therefore, we provide you with a number of tips and guides to help you pack and insure your parcel, choose your carrier and file a claim. One of our tips for ensuring maximum protection of your parcel and its contents is to use proper packaging and follow some simple rules when packing your parcel.

Secursus aims to do everything possible to ensure that your parcel is fully refunded in the event of a problem. Before sending your parcel, please take a look at our packing and shipping instructions. Our customer service is of course available to answer all your questions directly by email (

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When to insure and what to do in case of a problem?

You must insure your parcel at the latest on the day it is shipped. If you send your parcel in the morning, you can insure it until midnight of the same day. You can of course insure it earlier, as long as you have the tracking number. In case of a problem with your parcel, here is the procedure to follow:

  • Contact your carrier and file a written complaint.
  • Contact Secursus at the latest 3 days after the initially planned delivery date.
  • In case of damage, write clear reservations on the delivery note. As a reminder, here are the main elements you will need in order to be compensated
  • Shipment note
  • Proof of value of the insured goods (purchase or sales invoice, certificate of transfer for private individuals or expert's estimate)
  • Photos of the goods and the package
  • Copy of your claim to the carrier.
  • Certificate of loss issued by the carrier.
  • A copy of the reservations written on the delivery note in case of damage.

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