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    UPS insurance

    UPS insurance

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    Insure your UPS parcel with Secursus

    Parcel value

    Save up to  40%

    Sign-up and insure your UPS parcel at the best possible rate!

    Insure a UPS parcel

UPS insurance

Insure your UPS parcel with Secursus

Parcel value

Save 40%

Sign-up and insure your UPS parcel at the best possible rate!

Insure a UPS parcel

UPS is a very well known carrier offering speedy deliveries worldwide, but their insurance rate is very high.

UPS insurance

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Maximum coverage €40,000
depending countries
Minimum price €9.75 €1.50
Cost for €100 insured €9.75 €1.50
Cost for €1,000 insured €9.75 €7.00
Cost for €10,000 insured €100.00 €70.00
Used items Yes Yes
Watches and jewellery No Yes
High tech, mobile phone No Yes
Collector items Yes Yes
Rate for €10,000 1.0% 0.7%

Our opinion on the UPS insurance

The UPS insurance costs on average 1% of the value of your item with a minimum of $3.15 in the USA and a minimum of €9.75 in Europe.
Precious and risky goods are limited to a maximum of $500. On average, Secursus is 50% cheaper than UPS on the cost of insurance and provides insurance where UPS does not.

Why choose Secursus

Secursus insurance is way better than UPS. Our insurance cost is fixed at 0.7% of the insured value with a €1,5 minimum per package.
Our insurance also covers all risky goods excluded elsewhere. We’re also able to refund your damaged or lost package at its final sale value or actual value.

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Why UPS is one of the most reliable carriers?

UPS is for sure a very reliable carrier in the United States, Europe and Asia.

UPS is one of the best known carriers in the world with more than 440,000 employees worldwide. UPS delivers 15.6 million parcels and documents per day to more than 200 countries. The deliveries offered by this carrier are very fast and allow you to ship worldwide in 24-48h.

You can either ship your UPS package from an official carrier store, or you can book the shipment online throught online shipping services.
Most UPS deliveries include signature upon delivery, making it compatible with the Secursus insurance.

Domestic shipments

International shipments

Delivery speed

Parcel worth less than €1000

High value parcels

UPS insurance in 10 questions

Can I insure my UPS package with Secursus?

Absolutely, we insure thousands of UPS packages each year.

How can I insure my UPS package on Secursus?

You can insure your package in just 2minutes on Secursus. Just sign-in, add a payment card, and go to our insurance form. First, you need to have the UPS tracking number ready. Once you have the tracking number, go to Secursus and take out the insurance.

Can I insure my UPS package from the USA?

Secursus operates in 60+ countries and our service is open to everyone.

Can I use Secursus for a single package?

Absolutely, there is no minimum required.

Can I insure packages sent with other carriers?

Yes, our insurance works with thousands of carriers worldwide.

Which carrier cannot be insured by Secursus?

Marine carriers offering only container shipping. Just make you sure you buy a « signed-for » delivery service.

When should I purchase the insurance?

You must insure your UPS package on Secursus the same day of departure. The limit is midnight.

My UPS package is lost or damaged, how can I make a claim?

You have to make a written claim to UPS first. Then, contact Secursus and start the refund procedure.

My package seems delayed, what should I do?

If your package is delayed, you could send a claim to your carrier and ask for an update.

How can I speak to Secursus?

Our support team is available by email should you need any assistance.

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