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    DHL insurance

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    Insure your DHL parcel with Secursus

    Parcel value

    Save up to  80%

    Sign-up and insure your DHL parcel at the best possible rate!

    Insure a DHL parcel

DHL insurance

Insure your DHL parcel with Secursus

Parcel value

Save up to  80%

Sign-up and insure your DHL parcel at the best possible rate!

Insure a DHL parcel

DHL Express is a really great carrier providing express deliveries worldwide, but their insurance cost is very high.

DHL insurance UK

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Maximum coverage €900 €100,000
Minimum price €2.75 excl. VAT €1.5 inc. VAT
Cost for €100 insured €2.75 excl. VAT €1.5 inc. VAT
Cost for €200 insured €8.30 excl. VAT €3.60 inc. VAT
Cost for €1,000 insured €47.00 excl. VAT €7.00 inc. VAT
Used items Yes Yes
Watches and jewellery Yes Yes
High tech, mobile phone Yes Yes
Collector items Yes Yes
Rate for €1,000 4.75% excl. VAT 0.7% inc. VAT

Source: dhlparcel.co.uk

Our opinion on the DHL insurance

DHL offers insurance at a very high cost : between 1 and 5% of the insured value with a minimum of €12 for insurance taken out in France.
DHL being a very large company, their insurance terms are not the same everywhere. For example, you will pay 5% from the UK and only 1% in France. Excluded goods are also different and you may need to check their full terms and conditions each time you need to insure with them.

Why choose Secursus

Secursus offers a unique insurance at the lowest possible price: 0.7% of the insured value, with a €1,5 minimum per parcel.
Our exclusion list is very small, we currently cover 99% of items sold online, including risky products such as watches, high-tech or jewellery. Our maximum coverage goes up to €100,000 per package and our rate is fixed for everyone.

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Why you should consider using DHL shipping service?

DHL is a reliable and globally recognized carrier. DHL is for sure one of the leaders in the delivery of express parcels.

With guaranteed delivery times and express offers of 24 to 48 hours, it is certainly an excellent choice if you want to ship your packages abroad.
DHL offers deliveries with electronic signature and this carrier is therefore compatible with our Secursus insurance.

To send your DHL parcel, multiple solutions are available : directly from the carrier, or via online transport comparators which usually offer a good discount.

Domestic shipments

International shipments

Delivery speed

Parcel worth less than €1000

High value parcels

DHL insurance in 10 questions

Can I insure my DHL parcel with Secursus?

Yes, DHL is 100% compatible with our insurance. Just make sure to send your DHL parcel with signature.

How to insure with Secursus?

You can insure your DHL shipment in just a few clicks on Secursus. Just create your account, add a credit card, and fill in the insurance form. You first need to have the DHL tracking number ready and then enter the tracking number on Secursus.

Does Secursus insurance work internationally?

Our insurance works in all countries except countries at war or under embargo.

Can I use the service for a single shipment?

Absolutely, there is no minimum or commitment on Secursus. We also offer an API which allow you to insure thousands of parcels directly from your website.

Which carriers are accepted by Secursus?

All carriers offering a direct delivery with signature. Thousands of carriers are accepted as long as they have an online tracking system.

Which carriers are refused by Secursus?

Sea carriers offering only container shipments.

When should I purchase the insurance?

You must buy the insurance no later than the day of shipment. If your shipment is picked up in the morning, you will have until midnight to insure it with Secursus. Just go on our website and fill in the insurance form.

When should I make a claim?

The earlier the better but no later than 14 days after the date of pick-up by DHL.

My parcel is late, what should I do?

We recommend that you send a written complaint to DHL and try to locate the parcel.
Do not hesitate to check the DHL tracking on a daily basis.

How to contact Secursus?

Secursus can be reached 7 days a week by email contact@secursus.com.
If you wish to be called, please do not hesitate to send us your telephone number and we will call you back.

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