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Hermes insurance

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Maximum coverage £999 £1,000
Cost for £200 insured £6.84 £3.60
Cost for £500 insured £21.84 £5.00
Cost for £999 insured £45.79 £9.99
Watches and jewellery Yes Yes
Collector’s items (antiques) Excluded Yes
Musical instruments Excluded Yes
TVs and monitors Excluded Yes
Rate for £999 4.58% 1%

Source: Hermes exclusion list (2022-09-06).

Hermes parcel prices

Your Hermes shipment’s price will mainly depend on the weight, size and its destination for your parcel. This table is an example of a parcel sent in the UK for a standard delivery, the prices are based on the weight of the parcel.

Weight Price
1kg - 2kg £2.69
2kg - 5kg £5.86
5kg - 10kg £6.36
10kg - 15kg £9.28

International Hermes rates

Hermes prices for international shipment depends on the service chosen, the weight and size of the parcel you wish to send and of course its destination. Check this table to get an idea of Hermes “Evri courier” prices for a 20x20x20 parcel going to Ireland.

Weight Price
1kg £12.56
2kg £13.48
5kg £16.48
10kg £21.90
15kg £27.53

Is additional insurance like Secursus really useful?

Insuring your Hermes parcel with us means getting very clear insurance conditions and clear information about reimbursement. We also support you to get a quick refund if needed.

Insuring your Hermes parcels with Secursus means choosing one of the cheapest parcel insurance on the market. We are not expensive but we are inclusive (almost no forbidden items and you can insure a parcel up to £1.000 for Hermes – £90.000 for other carriers). Of course, our processes and rules are always as clear as possible to avoid any surprises.

Moreover at Secursus we want you to get reliable insurance for your Hermes parcels. We have decided to provide our clients with all the information they need to create a smooth parcel insurance process. All the information needed is available on our website and we are more than happy to help by email through our customer service.

Support and compensation

In case you need any help with your claim or with the documentation needed to open a claim, our customer care is always happy to help you and maximise your chances of getting a quick compensation.


You can insure up to £90.000 per parcel with Secursus and you can cover almost all the items you want: from standard parcels to high tech items or even luxury ones (jewellery, watches...) and even artworks or collectibles etc.

My Hermes parcel is delayed

If your Hermes parcel is late or delayed we advise you to open a “preventive claim” just to help in case a claim has to be opened for real.

Hermes is a reliable and competitive carrier for sending your small parcels
up to £1000 within the UK.

When should you choose Hermes to send your parcels?

Hermes is a very affordable carrier offering cheap prices for your low-value shipments.

Hermes, which is from now on called Evri, is a very reliable and qualitative transportation service that you can use to send your parcel. Hermes is a leading delivery company and guarantees fast delivery time and qualitative service to their clients.

You can easily use Hermes (Evri) to send your parcels around the world or locally and of course our parcel insurance Secursus is completely suitable with Hermes shipping services.

To send your Hermes parcel you can either get a quote for your shipment on Evri’s website or you can choose to use a parcel comparator online to find the best and cheapest prices for your parcels.

Domestic shipments

International shipments

Delivery speed

Parcel worth less than €1000

High value parcels

Hermes Insurance in 10 questions

How can I insure my Hermes parcel on Secursus?

To insure your Hermes parcel on Secursus this is very easy and super quick. Then you just need to create an account online on Secursus and enter your parcel tracking number to insure it.

Can I insure my international parcels?

You can of course insure all the international parcels you want. Secursus allows parcel insurance up to £1.000 for Hermes, £90.000 for other carriers.

Can I use Secursus for a single package?

You can use Secursus for one or for 10 or even more parcels. There is no limitation.

Can I use Secursus with other carriers?

Secursus is suitable with almost every carrier.

My parcel is delayed, do I need to make a claim?

Yes, opening a claim in case your Hermes parcel is delayed is important. Contact Hermes first and Secursus in second to open a claim for your parcel.

How to get a shipping quote by Hermes?

Getting a Hermes quote for your parcel is very easy, you just have to use their calculator online.

How to send a parcel with Hermes?

Your local Hermes (Evri) ParcelShop is a good alternative to a Post Office. You can either book online or on the app. This is very easy and efficient!

Where can I return my Hermes parcel?

To return your Hermes parcel, you can either drop it off at a ParcelShop or use a locker, you can even choose to get your parcel collected from the address of your choice. Tracking your return on its way back to the retailer is of course possible.

Where is my Hermes parcel?

If you wonder where your hermes parcel is at, just enter your parcel number on Evri’s online tracker.

Where is the closest Hermes ParcelShop?

To find the closest Hermes ParcelShop just check on this website.

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