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Perfecting Packaging: Only Use Rigid Packagings

As part of our continuous efforts to provide a seamless customer experience, we want to share some essential packing guidelines for the safe transportation of your items. Adhering to these guidelines is not only important for the safety of your items, but also crucial for the validity of your insurance coverage through us.

The Importance of Rigid Packaging

First and foremost, we cannot stress enough the significance of using rigid outer packaging for your shipments. Our insurance coverage is contingent upon the use of sturdy, resilient packaging, like a good quality cardboard box. This is to ensure that your items can withstand the journey they're about to embark on, from the bumps and shakes during transit to the stacking of boxes during storage.

Avoid Soft Surfaces for Shipping Labels

Shipping labels carry crucial information and direct your package to its destination. They must be easily visible and undamaged throughout the journey. Hence, refrain from placing these labels on soft surfaces such as envelopes or plastic bags where they might be prone to tearing or coming off. Instead, always affix them on the rigid outer surface of your box.

The Art of Packing

When it comes to packing the items inside, fill the box with ample cushioning material such as bubble wrap or foam peanuts around your items. This is to keep them immobile and provide internal protection against shock and vibration.

If your shipment includes multiple items, wrap each item separately and make sure they don't touch each other or the walls of the box. This can prevent damage from items knocking against each other.

Lastly, secure your box with strong packing tape, ensuring all seams and flaps are sealed.


Use rigid, high-quality packaging for your shipments. Affix shipping labels on the outer surface of the box. Securely pack your items with sufficient cushioning material. Each item should be wrapped separately if shipping multiple items. Seal your box thoroughly with strong packing tape. Remember, the way you pack your items is the first line of defense in the shipping process. A little extra time and care can go a long way to protect your valuable items during their journey. Safe shipping!

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