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Evri Lost Parcel : What to do?

It can be irritating and upsetting to lose a parcel, especially if it included anything valuable or sentimental. If your shipment with the UK-based shipping company EVRI (ex Hermes) goes missing, you can take action to get it recovered or to obtain a compensation.

It is important to know what happens when a delivery becomes lost. Once EVRI has collected the parcel, we consider a parcel to be lost if there is no scan update for at least 30 days. We recommend tracking the parcel diligently using the tracking number issued, which may be used to trace the shipment until it arrives at its destination. If the tracking information indicates that the parcel was never delivered, then it is declared lost 30 days after it was sent.

You should not, however, get overly concerned. It is fairly usual for Evri to not update the tracking for a week, especially during the holiday season.

If you are concerned that your EVRI parcel has been lost in transit, the first thing you should do is check the tracking information to verify the delivery's status. In the event that the parcel's status indicates that it was never delivered, you must contact EVRI immediately and make a claim.

If you have a parcel that hasn't arrived, email EVRI with the tracking number and any other relevant information, including the sender and recipient's names, the date the parcel was shipped, and the contents. The courier will investigate and make every effort to locate the missing parcel.

Under normal conditions and within the bounds of their shipping policy, EVRI will issue compensation and a shipping refund in case the parcel is lost, stolen or damaged. Know that the process might take some time and that the amount of compensation you potentially receive could be low.

If you want to increase your chances of reaching a favorable settlement, save all of your shipping documents and receipts in a safe place. With this method, providing EVRI with the data they need to find the missing cargo is less of a hassle.

Get parcel insurance from Secursus or take other precautions if you're worried about it becoming lost in transit. Should anything go wrong, this might provide some more financial and emotional stability.

Losing a parcel can be a frustrating experience, but if you are using EVRI and your parcel goes missing, there are steps you can take to locate it and get a resolution. You can improve your chances of getting what you want by calling customer service and giving them all the information they need.

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