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Are you frustrated by the time it takes you to find and compare shipping quotes from several companies? When you need a shipping broker, go no further than Packlink. Use Packlink to quickly and easily compare prices from many different carriers in one place to find the most affordable shipping options for your business or personal needs.

What's more, Packlink's platform provides a variety of shipping solutions to meet your demands. You may use Packlink to send everything from little goods to oversized pallets and even furniture, domestically or internationally. Its straightforward design makes tracking parcels and scheduling logistics a breeze.

However, don't just take our word for it; see how Packlink may improve your shipping process. Because Packlink cares about its customers, it is the best choice for fast, affordable shipping.

Packlink value-added services

In addition to its primary services, Packlink offers a wide range of value-added services to make shipping easier for its clients. The benefit of picking up and dropping off packages is one example. Packlink offers quick collection and delivery options online so that you don't have to bring items to a shipping site or wait for a courier to pick them up. Companies that don't have the workforce or resources to manage parcels themselves may benefit significantly from this.

The packing service supplied by Packlink is another added benefit they provide. If you want your parcels to arrive at their destination unscathed and undamaged, you must carefully wrap them. Boxes, envelopes, and other shipping packing solutions are all available on Packlink. Packlink covers you, whether you're looking for standard packaging supplies or something more specialized.

In order to make things easier for its customers, offers a wide range of other services besides pick-up, delivery, and packing. You may tailor these services to meet the unique requirements of your company, which can improve efficiency in the shipping process and save money. Possible examples of this are warehousing and the handling of potentially dangerous substances.

Packlink, should you use it?

Having speedy and dependable delivery options is crucial in today's frenzied business climate. Packlink is aware of this, which is why the company provides several useful extras for shipping. Why hold off? has the tools and knowledge to help you move your goods quickly, whether you need pick-up and delivery, packing, or other specialized services. Check out the benefits of's extra features for yourself by signing up for them right now.

Secursus and Packlink Insurance

Secursus insures valuable and risky items for at least 50% less than Packlink. Packlink insurance is, however, costly. That is why Packlink customers can use Secursus Insurance to protect their parcels at the best possible cost. If you need any assistance regarding the insurance, feel free to reach out to us directly.

What is Packlink PRO?

Packlink PRO is the platform designed by Packlink for businesses and ecommerce. The technology offered on Packlink PRO and the volume discounts make it particularly suitable for professionals who ship regularly, like eBay sellers for example. But, you should know that if a user connects to Packlink PRO to make one-off shipments, he will have access to the same rates as on Packlink.

What are the benefits of Packlink PRO?

There are several benefits to using Packlink PRO. First, you will have access to discounts according to the number of shipments made, the more you send parcels the less you pay. You get access to a tool that allows you to automate your shipments and you can connect with your PrestaShop, Woocommerce, eBay, Amazon shops etc and automatically import all your orders to ship them faster. On Packlink PRO you can get customised rates according to your needs by contacting the sales department. Finally, you can manage all your shipments from a single control panel on a business account and you can modify your shipments at the same time and filter your shipments and online order by status (delivered, in progress, shipping information etc).

How to use Packlink?

Using Packlink in order to send all your parcels at the best prices is easy. You just need to indicate your parcel shipping information: weight, origin, destination, dimension etc. You will get a quick quote online on Packlink from several carriers around the world and then you can choose and compare them according to your wants (transit time, delivery method, express shipping, signature etc) according to which quotes suit you best. After choosing the method and the carriers, you just need to pay for it, print the shipping label and send your parcel according to the shipping method and parcel carriers you have selected.

What is eBay Packlink?

eBay Packlink is a partnership between Packlink UK and eBay that offers an online service for eBay sellers. It helps them organise their shipping costs and postage labels when selling on eBay. This partnership also provides sellers with tracking numbers and a reactive customer care team that buyers can contact after their sale.

Can i use Packlink internationally?

Whether you are an individual or a professional, after selecting the weight, destination, and dimensions of your parcel, you will be able to discover numerous couriers and services, from express to standard, to send your parcel internationally on Packlink.

What couriers do Packlink use?

Packlink works with dozens of transportation services around the world and in different countries. In the United Kingdom, Packlink uses DHL, GLS, Yodel direct, UPS, Evri, TNT, DPD and InPost.

How do I track Packlink parcel?

Tracking your Packlink parcel is super easy. You can directly track your parcel by using Packlink's tracking: on Packlink homepage, click "tracking" in the top right, then enter your Packlink reference number and finally check your parcel's status.

How to contact Packlink?

Packlink does not provide any telephone number as they wish to remain a purely online structure. You can contact them via their "help center" where they built a huge FAQ. You should be able to find all the relevant information needed there. If you still need to be in contact with Packlink, you can use their help center again to send an email or to chat online directly.

Why are Packlink rates so cheap?

Packlink work with various carriers to negotiate prices with them. As a client, you will benefit from negotiated rates with transport companies, thanks to the large number of shipments they generate. You benefit from our volume!

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