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Packlink: cheap shipping prices for your parcel

Easy to use

Packlink negotiates attractive shipping prices, rates and offers with express carriers across the world among which are DHL, Yodel, Hermes, Evri or UPS etc. and relay point operators.

Make savings

With Packlink, you will benefit from discounts on shipping prices of up to 50% on domestic shipments and up to 70% on international shipments to more than 200 destinations around the world.

For everybody

Packlink was created for individuals and companies. If you are a professional selling products online, the Packlink PRO solution is made for you, with no minimum sending volume.

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What is Packlink?

Packlink is a transport reseller that provides individuals, companies and retailers (such as eBay) with worldwide shipping solutions at very attractive rates.

Packlink is a start-up that was founded in Spain in January 2012. After its great success on the Spanish market, Packlink moved to Germany in July 2013 and in February 2014, the Packlink France website was launched.

The aim of Packlink is to compare the prices of online parcel shipments and thus give a list of carriers offering different prices and services to give customers maximum choice and great shipping prices.

Packlink negotiates attractive prices and offers with express carriers (UPS, DHL, TNT, GLS...), relay points allowing you to benefit from these cheap prices online on their website.

Packlink offers the possibility to ship parcels (importation and exportation) to over 230 destinations around the world! Moreover, for your national shipments you will benefit from a discount up to 50% and for international ones a discount up to 70%.

insurance shipping comparison

How to insure my Packlink parcel?

Using a shipping comparator does not mean neglecting your parcel and its content’s safety! Indeed, you still need to insure your shipments to avoid any problems and to guarantee compensation in case of theft, loss or damage. With Packlink you have multiple solutions:

  • Opt for Packlink own insurance and cover items up to £2,500
  • Choose one of the carriers’ insurance (compare their shipping inssurance prices here)
  • Use third-party insurance such as Secursus and cover items up to £90,000. 

Each insurance company offers different services: different maximum amounts of insurance, excluded items, and compensation. This way, you can compare and study the offers in order to choose what is most suitable for the value of the goods being sent.

As an example, see the comparison between Packlink own insurance and Secursus insurance for your packlink parcel in the following table*.

In this example, you see that you need to choose the best insurance for your parcel regarding the items you are sending, their value, if this is an allowed item etc. Of course, the price will differ following the insurance. Here, we can see that Secursus is way cheaper than Packlink insurance even though Secursus is allowing more items and covering a higher parcel value.

More information about Packlink:

What is Packlink PRO?

Packlink PRO is the platform designed by Packlink for businesses and e-commerce. The technology offered on Packlink PRO and the volume discounts make it particularly suitable for professionals who ship regularly, like eBay sellers for example. But, you should know that if a user connects to Packlink PRO to make one-off shipments, he will have access to the same rates as on Packlink.

What are the benefits of Packlink PRO?

There are several benefits to using Packlink PRO. First, you will have access to discounts according to the number of shipments made, the more you send the less you pay. You get access to a tool that allows you to automate your shipments and you can connect with your PrestaShop, Woocommerce, eBay, Amazon shops etc and automatically import all your orders to ship them faster. On Packlink PRO you can get customised rates according to your needs by contacting the sales department. Finally, you can manage all your shipments from a single control panel and you can modify your shipments at the same time and filter shipments by status (delivered, in progress, etc).

How to use Packlink?

Using Packlink in order to send all your parcels at the best prices is easy. You just need to indicate your parcel information: weight, origin, destination, dimension etc. You will get free quotes online on Packlink from several carriers around the world and then you can choose and compare them according to your wants (transit time, delivery method, express, signature, etc)and according to which quotes suit you best. After choosing the method and the carriers, you just need to pay for it, print the label and send your parcel according to the service and carrier you have selected.

What is eBay Packlink?

eBay Packlink is a partnership between Packlink UK and eBay that offers an online service for eBay sellers. It helps them organise their shipping costs and postage labels when selling on eBay. This partnership also provides sellers with tracking numbers and a reactive customer care team that buyers can contact after their sale.

Can i use Packlink internationally?

Whether you are an individual or a professional, after selecting the weight, destination, and dimensions of your parcel, you will be able to discover numerous couriers and services, from express to standard, to send your parcel internationally on Packlink.

What couriers do Packlink use?

Packlink works with dozens of transportation services around the world and in different countries. In the United Kingdom, Packlink uses DHL, GLS, Yodel direct, UPS, Evri, TNT, DPD and InPost.

How do I track Packlink parcel?

Tracking your Packlink parcel is super easy. You can directly track your parcel by using Packlink's tracking: on Packlink homepage, click "tracking" in the top right, then enter your Packlink reference number and finally check your parcel's status.

How to contact Packlink?

Packlink does not provide any telephone number as they wish to remain a purely online structure. You can contact them via their "help center" where they built a huge FAQ. You should be able to find all the relevant information needed there. If you still need to be in contact with Packlink, you can use their help center again to send an email or to chat online directly.

Why are Packlink rates so cheap?

Packlink work with various carriers to negotiate prices with them. As a client, you will benefit from negotiated rates with transport companies, thanks to the large number of shipments they generate. You benefit from our volume!

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