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Parcel Monkey: the solution to send your parcels at low cost

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What is Parcel Monkey?

Parcel Monkey is a service comparing shipping courier services in order to get the best shipping prices for your deliveries for your parcels around the world. Of course, this service was created for individuals as well as businesses. Parcel Monkey will compare the prices of different delivery company such as DHL, Fedex, TNT or UPS to get the best solutions for your parcel based on the service you need.

With Parcel Monkey you can save money by comparing shipping prices for your parcels!

  • Find parcel delivery services that suit your needs and wants
  • Save your time and your money
  • Compare shipping prices to over 240 destinations around the world
  • Choose between home pick-ups or drop-off at a relay point
  • Universal parcel online tracking : package tracking (real-time tracking!)
  • Make your own opinion by consulting over 200 reviews left by Parcel Monkey users

How to use Parcel Monkey?

We tested Parcel Monkey service for you:

First thing first, you need to fill the comparator with your parcel information: the size of your box, the country of departure, the country of arrival, the weight. On Parcel Monkey website you can choose between international shipment or UK to UK shipment.

In this example, we tried to send a parcel within the UK that weighs 3kg and measures 20cm x 20cm x 20cm.

As you can see this is really easy to get a quote for a parcel with Parcel Monkey! In less than a minute the comparator offered me dozens of services and shipping solutions to send my parcel, using different courier service providerand with different delivery times. On Parcel Monkey carriers' services are even classified according to shipping delivery times and delivery options: standard, express delivery, worldwide delivery priority, shipping express, drop off, same day delivery, next day delivery etc...

Parcel Monkey comparing shipping prices

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Parcel Monkey: all you need to know!

Why are Parcel Monkey prices so low?

Parcel Monkey has access to discounted shipping rates due to the large volumes of packages they ship.

Their relationships with express delivery service carriers have grown and they can now offer space on their online site for parcel carriers to offer their best shipping rates because they know Parcel Monkey can bring them a good volume of traffic. Some of the carriers offered on the website are wholesalers that you would not normally have access to. On your side, you save money by sending your packages at these preferential rates !

How do I track my Parcel Monkey shipment?

To track your Parcel Monkey parcel, this is easy: enter the complete reference tracking number mentioned in your Parcel Monkey business account in the tracking tool, this number starts with the PMS prefix. Then click on "Track my package". You will also find this tracking number on your confirmation email and on the package shipping label.

This tracking tool can be used regardless of the parcel delivery service you have chosen, whether it is UPS, DHL, or DPD. Give this tracking number to the recipient, so that they can also track the package and have an estimated delivery time.

Is Parcel Monkey reliable?

Parcel Monkey UK has a very good overall rating on trust pilot! Indeed, they already have over 76,000 reviews for an overall rating of 4,1/5 stars. You can use Parcel Monkey with no doubt.

Where can I find my Parcel Monkey tracking number?

Your package tracking number can be found on the shipping labels provided with your order. Your tracking number can be found in your customer account. Simply access your personal account and consult your order history under the heading "Orders". You can as well find it in your inbox for the e-mail confirming your order.

My Parcel Monkey is lost, what can I do?

If your parcel appears to be lost, if tracking has stopped, or if there is a problem with the tracking, log in to your account and use the problem reporting tool next to your order.

Parcel Monkey can then contact the delivery company and carrier so they can investigate the problem and begin the process of locating the package, as well as alerting the claims team to the potential problem.

How do I contact Parcel Monkey?

Parcel Monkey does not have a contact phone number. Instead, they offer a Live Chat service which is open from 8 am to 10 pm depending on local UK time. This allows you to talk to Parcel Monkey support team and get all the answers you might need. They also have an email support system so you can leave a message at any time regarding the delivery of your package etc.

As Parcel Monkey offer global shipping services to and from destinations around the world, there are time differences to consider, but rest assured that all inquiries are handled.

Can I add shipping insurance to protect my parcel?

When you place an order through Parcel Monkey, you can of course add insurance for your more expensive or valuable shipment for peace of mind.

Please ensure that the item is not on the prohibited list as this will void the insurance. Remember that your parcel will be sent by international carriers and is likely to be handled by different airport and customs services. Therefore, be sure to pack the item carefully so that it is well protected and cannot move inside its box.

If your parcel complies with all the conditions and instructions agreed upon at the time of preparation of the shipment, your insurance will cover you for damaged items in the event that the goods are lost.

How to use Secursus for my Parcel Monkey shipment?

To insure your parcel with Secursus, you just need to create the shipment on Parcel Monkey and when you receive your tracking number, you can buy Secursus insurance on our website directly.

Secursus protects your order, even the luxury ones (jewellery, watches, work of art etc) for a value up to £90,000 for a very low price (1% of the value) and against loss, theft, and damages.

Can I send international parcels with Parcel Monkey?

Yes, you can use international couriers ' services to send your international delivery worldwide.

Which shipping options are available on Parcel Monkey?

You have multiple options available to ship your parcel with Parcel Monkey: same day service, last-mile deliveries, overnight delivery, with proof-of-delivery, track and trace options, express courier service...

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