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Parcel2go: ship your parcel at best cost

Parcel2Go is a leading parcel delivery comparison website that offers a very cheap alternative to the Post Office. Especially for small businesses, ebay sellers, or eBay businesses. With Parcel2go, you can ship anything: from small packets and boxes to huge and large parcel and packet. Parcel2go covers a lot of destinations throughout the UK and internationally as well.

As a leader in the UK, Parcel2go offers very attractive shipping prices compared to their competitors. They have been working on their service for 10 years now, so they consider themselves as a trustable and efficient parcel delivery comparator. In 2011, they were even ranked by the Sunday Times Track 100 in the top 100 of the “fastest growing technology companies”. With these experiences, Parcel2go was able to expand their range of destinations nationally and internationally in order to offer more choices to their customers , as well as services like same day delivery, next day delivery, economy services, collection from your door or drop off at over 10,000 shops. They also managed to offer an integration service with eBay, Amazon and other marketplaces and websites.

How do I send a parcel with Parcel2Go?

Shipping a parcel with Parcel2Go is cheap and easy ! Once your parcel is ready and that you have well attached your item in the perfect box, you will need to weigh it to be able to get a quote online on Parcel2go website. For a quick parcel quotation, you can use Parcel2Go “Quick-Quote tool”.

To use it simply enter your parcel’s weight and dimensions (if sending internationally). Then, you will receive a quote instantly from the world’s largest courier service provider including DHL, Fedex, UPS, Royal Mail etc.

You can choose between profesionnal couriers: express couriers, international couriers etc.

Then, you can compare their prices and the transit times they offer to you. When you have made your choice, you only need to book the service that suits you best. Once your service is booked, you will receive a confirmation email with a link to your parcel shipping label. That way, you will be able to track your parcel every step of the way with Parcel2Go. Online tracking and package tracking are very useful because you get the real-time tracking of your parcel and you are then able to follow it and get an indication about delivery time.

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Why should you use Parcel2Go to ship your parcel ?

As previously mentioned, Parcel2Go is able to suggest the best costs and cheapest prices on the market, in other words: they offer unrivaled postage costs in the UK. Parcel2Go is specialized in providing cheap parcel delivery but without compromising on reliability or quality.

Not only do they provide cheap parcel delivery in the UK, but internationally as well! Indeed, Parcel2Go is also an expert in international delivery: they offer extremely competitive rates on parcel deliveries to 180 countries including Europe, China, Australia and the US.

How can I use Secursus with Parcel2Go?

Secursus is an online shipping insurance which needs to be used to insure your parcel in case of any problems during the shipping process. Needless to say, you can use Secursus and Parcel2Go simultaneously, these two services combine perfectly! To insure a parcel with Secursus, you only need the tracking number written on your label !

What does Secursus insurance cover? We do cover your item in case of :

  • Theft
  • Damage
  • Loss

Our shipping insurance covers levels flexible upon 90,000£. Moreover, the cost of our insurance is the same for all destinations (please make sure to have a look at the countries excluded in our insurance’s scope that you will find on our website) and for everyone (business, private seller, private individual…).

Our online shipping insurance does not exclude high-value items at all! Indeed, we are not excluding precious items, art, jewelleries etc. Indeed, we have decided to provide insurance for almost every product and object, including unusual goods such as luxury watches, luxury, leatherworking or works of art for example.

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