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Shipping high value items: our tips and advice

Sending a regular parcel can be very easy, but when it comes to shipping high value items or sending valuables, it can be a quite tricky process! Indeed,, when shipping high-value items or when shipping valuables, you must pay attention to some additional details such as choosing the ideal packaging, double protecting the package to avoid theft and even using parcel insurance to send your valuables safely

Let me help you by giving you some tips about how to ship high value items.

The adequate packaging for your high value item

As you may already know, your parcel has a long way to go before it reaches its destination: between transport by train, truck, plane and sorting centers, storage in warehouses, etc.

Indeed, your parcel will pass through numerous channels before it reaches its destination. This represents a danger when shipping high-value items or valuables. This is why choosing the right packaging is so important.

  • Find the right packaging for your valuables: if it is fragile, use some bubble wrap for example. Choose first a sturdy box and label it.

  • Use a second box, bigger, and put the first one in it to double the security for your package.

  • Label the second box as well and seal it with a lot of tapes! Two labels may seem like an exaggeration but if the outer box gets damaged or if the label falls off then at least, there will be a second one underneath.

Sending high-value item: Parcel discretion needed

Speaking of labels: there are some rules about what you should and should not put on your label. It is therefore highly preferable that no one can detect what is inside the parcel.

If you are sending a piece of jewellery or a watch for example, do not specify "luxury" "jewellery" or "watch". If you are sending a luxury bag, do NOT specify any brand or precious material on the label.

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Best courier for high value item

Which carrier is the best to ship high value items? Choosing the right carrier is also very important! A trusted courier such as DHL, Royal Mail or Fedex is preferable. If you want to compare parcel solutions check here! You should also choose a carrier that offers a signature-on-receipt option and that will not drop off your parcel at a depot if you are absent.

Send your high value item at a good price

To find the best price for sending your parcel there are many prices comparison websites! You can visit each carrier's websites to find the best one yourself or you can use a comparator that will help you save some time.

These comparators, such as Parcel2Go or MyFlyingBox, will help you to send your high value items at the best price.

Using insurance for your high value parcel

Using insurance to protect your parcel during transport is probably one of the best tips we can give you! It could save you a lot of money if your valuable package is lost, stolen or if it's damaged.. Secursus, for example, can insure your parcel for up to £90,000 against loss, theft or damage during transport. If you need more information about our service, feel free to reach out to us!

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