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The problem of customer satisfaction among transport brokers

Customer service is essential to help a person decides whether or not to use a service. It is therefore important to receive positive opinions.

Indeed, this is what we call e-reputation, 90% of the population looks at online opinions about a company or service and it is from these opinions that people will get an idea of the brand in question.

Opinions can therefore change everything, a customer may be very attracted to the service offered and the quality of the site, but if the comments are negative, there is a good chance that he will finally not use this service. This is a problem in the transport logistics industry because the opinions on transport brokers are mostly negative. Many do not exceed 2. 7 on evaluating platforms such as Trustpilot. The reasons are diverse, mostly due to poorly informed customers or logistical problems of carriers.

What is a transport broker?

Transport brokers are sites of transport comparators for sending parcels. This allows customers to find the best carrier site at the best quality/price ratio.

Carriers do not often cover customers in case of theft or loss of packages, which is a big problem for the customer and that is why package insurances exist.

Parcel insurance therefore covers the package in case of loss, theft, or damage, it allows the customer to be reimbursed according to the declared value of the package.

Shippers strongly recommend additional parcel insurances, especially when the parcel is of high value. On the websites of parcel shippers we can often find a link that leads to additional parcel insurance, this allows the customer to choose if he decides to opt for insurance or not.

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How does parcel insurance work?

Depending on the platform, all you have to do is register for the service and fill in this information as well as the recipient’s information and the information about the package in question. The price varies according to insurance. Then you have to respect the given conditions and your package can be insured.

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Despite the quality of the services offered, these transport brokers receive many negative comments.

Customer Service Overcharging Refund Problem Delivery longer than expected Lost or damaged package
36% 30% 12% 11% 11%

Based on a study of 100 Trustpilot opinions on international transport brokers. 

Blame the transport brokers?

Following this statistic we can see that the customers who have used these transport brokers mostly have problems with the customer service they have a lot of trouble to reach them when they encounter problems with their parcels, an also with additional charges that arrive several months after the parcel has been sent, the delivery that is too long…

These negative points are partly due to the carriers with logistical problems, such as lost parcels. But also due to the customers, because additional charges are mainly due because of badly measured parcels, transport brokers have specialized machines to measure parcels and if the customer does not inform himself on the page that explains how to measure his parcel properly, the information given will be false and there is a risk of additional charges if the given measurements are smaller than the real measurements of the parcel. These are things that transport brokers cannot necessarily control and therefore it affects their notoriety and image.

In order to be able to change this and improve their notoriety these transport brokers should ask for an opinion poll, because without an opinion policy they will largely only get negative opinions because customers will only come to complain about the constraints they have had and will not necessarily think of writing a positive opinion of their own because if there is no problem with the service they consider it normal. A opinion poll allows to send a link to the customer so that he can give his opinion on consumer review platform if he was satisfied with the service. This results in more positive feedback and can give a better image of the service.

What to do in the event of negative opinions?

The best thing to do so is to check reviews of their sites and services on a regular basis in order to be able to respond to them and in case of negative feedback, try to understand the problem and explain why it did not work and find an alternative solution to this problem.

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