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How to insure your valuable parcel with Secursus?

We created Secursus insurance to make insuring your parcels as easy as possible. With Secursus, you can insure your precious and valuable parcels in less than 2 minutes. Here’s how to insure your valuable parcel :

  • Register on Secursus.
  • Add a payment card.
  • Click on “Insure a parcel”.
  • Enter the value, the tracking number and the carrier, and you’re done!

As you can tell, it really couldn’t be easier. There are, however, a few key points to remember when making a shipment.

We’ve detailed our rules very clearly in our Terms and Conditions, and we also offer advice on our website to ensure you are 100% covered in case of claims.

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Shipping valuable parcel: how to pack my valuable

It is very important that your goods are correctly packaged. Please, make sure you double pack all of your parcels. Simply place your goods in one type of packaging (envelope, box, bubble wrap, etc.) and then place this first package inside a second layer of packaging. Your goods must not be visible at if your parcel comes open or rips.

Tips when sending valuable items

1. Discretion needed: Never indicate the value on the outside of your parcel. Sending the parcel to a business whose name might offer any clue as what is inside? Then simply provide initials, or the name of an actual person in the company. We do not consider the customs invoice to be an indication of value. However, it must be placed below the shipment slip so the value does not appear directly on the outside of the parcel.

2. Keep proof: Take some photos Take a photo of your goods and your parcel prior to sending it. Do not hesitate to send these photos to the recipient. It will allow them to spot whether the parcel has been tampered with (opened, ripped). If the parcel appears to be damaged when you receive it, note down clear reservations on the delivery slip in the presence of the delivery person.

Which carrier when sending valuable?

At Secursus, our insurance is valid with all carriers worldwide. However, you must send your shipment using a sign-for delivery service. Our coverage lasts for 14 days, so make sure you opt for a fairly swift shipment service to ensure the parcel is delivered within that time.

Got questions about preparing your parcel? Our customer care team is always willing to help you! Send us an email to receive a quick reply at

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