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How to send a parcel? Full guide!

Sending a parcel can sometimes be a more complex task than expected.

Between the choice of carriers, the choice of services within a transport company, the choice of parcel insurance, etc., you can sometimes find yourself a little lost!

However, today many players and services deliveries have joined the movement, so which courier company or delivery companies should you choose? How to choose the right carrier or service? How to send your parcel efficiently? At Secursus, we have decided to help you and explain in detail everything you need to know about sending parcels, and much more!

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The different players in the parcel delivery market

Royal Mail:

Royal Mail is a well know British multinational postale service and courrier company. The services of Royal Mail are reliable and easily accessible. Of course, these shipping services are also available for international parcel shipments. Offering different shipping options and delivery services, Royal Mail is a very important package delivery company in the world of transport and parcel delivery in the UK and abroad!

DHL, Fedex, UPS, Evri, TNT:

Carriers providing the same parcels services as the Post Office. These carriers (DHL, Fedex, UPS) are known for their efficiency and they offer many options (express services, international express deilvery services, door to door delivery, proof-of-delivery, next-day delivery, overnight delviery, real-time tracking, track-trace etc.) and logistics services in addition to the classic sending of parcels.

Yodel, UPS Access Point, Kiala...

Allowing a different service from the usual carriers, the relay points and parcel collection points allow a delivery service close to home, but not at home. An ideal system for people who are not at home or who do not wish to receive parcels at home. Relay points allow several parcels to be collected at the same time over a wide range of hours. It is the convenience of this shipping method, combined with its low delivery prices, that attracts users.

If you want to

How to properly pack a parcel? Rules & Tips:

Packing and goods

The packaging of your parcel is essential: your item must be properly packed in a cardboard box or a rigid box preferably. Make sure you protect your parcel well with double packaging: use a first packaging such as a small box, a bubble wrap or other protection. Then, place this first package in a second, larger, strong package such as a box or cardboard box strong enough to withstand transport. Shipments that are poorly packed or do not follow our advice cannot be compensated by Secursus. Please read our guide to properly pack your parcel to stack all the odds in your favour !

Moreover, it is sometimes possible that the carrier of your choice does not allow certain goods to be taken over. Always remember to check that yours is transportable and that it will not be refused by the carrier.

Discretion of the parcel

In order to benefit from Secursus coverage, it is highly preferable and recommended, or even mandatory, that no indication of the nature and/or value of the goods shipped be present on the parcel. Indeed, no indication should be visible on the outside of the parcel concerning the contents of the package.

For example: if the name of the recipient gives a clue as to the nature of the item, please use an abbreviation or the name of a natural person.

Similarly, if the description of the package is written on the consignment note, it would be much better to use a broad term that does not refer directly to the item being sent.

The customs invoice is entirely at the sender's discretion and should be placed below the packing slip. Please ensure that you provide a complete delivery address with the recipient's address and telephone number.

Again, Secursus will not be able to compensate for parcels that do not comply with all of the above security rules and with our terms and conditions rules.

How to insure a parcel?

Insuring your parcel is an additional step when sending a parcel. Although not mandatory, it can be very useful! Secursus, as an online insurance company, offers an efficient and beneficial service to customers.

Indeed, we insure your parcel according to the value of the goods transported, a fair price that it is sometimes reassuring to pay in order to be reimbursed at the slightest glitch. This way, your parcel will be protected in case of theft, loss or damage. Our online calculator allows you to quickly estimate the cost of insurance for your parcel. You can then pay directly online on the day you send your parcel and then fill in the information relating to your parcel to insure it: destination, parcel tracking number etc. Your package online tracking (track-and-trace) will help you get a view on your packet transit-time. You can also track your parcel in case it's delayed or it seems lost. Secursus insurance means that your parcel is 100% insured and protected in just a few minutes!

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