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Packaging instructions

Learn how to send a parcel in total safety. At Secursus, we try to make our conditions as clear as possible so you can get full compensation in case your parcel is lost or damaged.

Before sending your parcel, we ask you to read these 5 steps to ensure you know all the rules regarding its packaging and shipping. Should you need more information, our customer service is available to help by email.

Packaging and shipping

Your item must be properly packed in a cardboard or rigid box. Remember to protect your item in two steps: first, put your item in a first packaging such as a small box or bubble wrap, then place it in a second box resistant enough to handle the shipping (such as a cardboard box you can buy from your carrier).

Items that are not properly packed won’t be compensated by Secursus.
Moreover, it is possible that your carrier does not authorize the transportation of some large items, so make sure your item is allowed by the carrier and won’t be declined.

Parcel discretion

Nothing on the package or label must give away the nature or value of your item.

Beware of wordings which might express inadvertent reference to valuable goods. Obvious words that directly relate to valuables are strictly prohibited.

Never reveal the content of your shipment, even to the carrier (unless required by customs for export).

The customs invoice must be placed underneath the shipping label. Finally, remember to provide the full address and phone number of the recipient as well as the return address.

Pictures and information regarding damage

Before sending your parcel, always take a few pictures of your item and its packaging with the label visible. We will request these photos if your package is lost or damaged.

If your item arrives damaged, you will have to write clear reservations on the delivery note, with as much detail as possible describing the damage.

It is in your right to verify the condition of your package before signing the delivery note. If you sign the delivery note without making reservations, you will not be able to ask for compensation.

Finally, do not throw away damaged packages or boxes: pictures could be required when making your claim. We strongly advise you to inform the recipient of these requirements.

Carrier and shipping method

Secursus only covers parcels shipped with a signed-for-delivery. Items sent to or from parcel shops (that are not official carrier shops) are not covered.

We cover parcels worldwide, with the exception of countries at war or subject to an embargo (such as Syria, Iraq, North Korea, etc).

Secursus insurance is effective during 14 days starting the day the parcel is sent. Please make sure you choose a shipping method that ships quickly enough to be delivered within that time period.

If your shipment is delayed, please contact us to extend the duration of coverage.

When should you insure and what should you do in case of a problem?

You must insure your package no later than on the day of shipment. For instance, if you send your parcel in the morning, you can insure it until midnight the same day.
You can of course insure it earlier, as long as you have a tracking number.

If something goes wrong with your shipment, here is the procedure:

  1. Contact your carrier and make a written claim (not over the phone).
  2. Contact Secursus no later than 3 days after the originally scheduled delivery date.
  3. In case of damage, write reservations on the delivery note with as much detail as possible.

Here are the main elements needed to make a claim:

  • Shipping label
  • Proof of value of the insured item (retail / purchase invoice or certificate of sale between 2 individuals)
  • Pictures of the item and packaging
  • Copy of the claim made to the carrier
  • Certificate of loss provided by the carrier
  • In case of damage, copy of the reservations written on the delivery note
  • In case of theft, a copy of the police complaint


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