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Secursus provides a parcel insurance service that covers your precious and valuable goods during shipment for just 0.6% of their value.  Tell me more...

Why use Secursus?

Secursus Pricing 0,6%

With Secursus, no need to request a quote! Our price is the same for everyone and for every destination.
To protect your parcels, we apply a single rate of 0,6% of their value, with a minimum of 5€ per shipment. This rate applies to whatever goods you are sending: a phone, clothes, a luxury watch? It’s the same rate!

Our service promises a protection up to one euro, simply write down the exact value of your package when subscribing.

We work in euros, so if you wish to use another currency, you can simply convert the closest value by using a currency converter such as XE.com.

We offer the fullest and most effective coverage on the market.

Indeed, we cover a wide array of goods, even those considered "risky": high-tech, computers, watches, jewelry, luxury clothing, or vintage and collector items.

Unlike with carriers, we compensate you to the last selling value of your item, providing you show us its invoice or certificate of disposal.

Secursus is an "Ad valorem" service, which means it cannot be combined with another insurance subscribed from a carrier such as Fedex.

However, if your carrier compensates part of the value of your parcel, our service will make up for the difference and transfer you the remaining amount.

Our goal is to offer you a service easy and ready to use as soon as you sign up.
Signing up is quick and allows you to protect your future parcels immediately.

Payment is done on a case-by-case basis. Our service doesn’t require prepaid credits, and no need to subscribe or commit to a number or volume of shipments.
Therefore, it is open to everyone, whether you are an individual or a business.

For safety reasons, all your personal data is strictly confidential and we do not have access to your bank account informations, which are secured by Stripe, our trusted partner dedicated to safe payment solutions.


Which items are covered?

Aside from the handful of exceptions detailed here, Secursus insures all items, both new and used. All items are insured for their most recent sale value.

Which carriers do we cover?

Secursus parcel insurance covers all carriers offering a signed-for delivery service.
The sole exclusions are carriers that ship goods via river or sea and carriers that rely on non-specialised service providers for the last mile delivery of their parcels.

How are compensation claims handled?

If your item is lost, stolen or broken, please submit a claim by filling in this form.
Once all the necessary documents have been added to your file and your claim is complete, your compensation will be paid within 30 days.

Integration solutions

Keen to insure all your shipments directly from your website, CRM or app? Then integrate the Secursus solution!

  • A REST API to automate all your data feeds
  • Turnkey libraries in all major languages
  • Comprehensive technical documentation with simple examples
  • Software for PC, Mac and Linux to insure your mass shipments

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